Post 11: This Bird Has Flown

Today’s Public Service Announcement is for Dog and Bird Families.  If you have lost your birds, you know you can rely on your family dog to help you find them.  Just let the dog sniff where the birds have been.

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Post 10: Home and Lifestyle Makeover

Someone I know is renting a new apartment, and needs some basic furniture. Of course, I suggested he look on Craigslist. The first item he needs is a –


 image 1

free computer former tenant says it works well

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Post 9: Weekend Warrior

Today’s Science Fact: 65% of Americans who live in what can be called suburbia like to barbecue on the weekends.  Sometimes they will fire up the ol’ grill, invite in the whole neighborhood, and cook for hours and hours.  Grilling can be thirsty work, as well as time sensitive.  Your average cheg can’t be running to the bathroom every three or four beers he downs.  There’s no way he would make it into the World Series of Barbecue with that kind of time. And the wife won’t let him use the sink her washer drains into.

No, there has to be a solution that will keep her happy and keep him in top form for that life-long goal of being part of the winning team in 2015.  While perusing Free Stuff , Suburban Sparky found the answer!

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Post 8: Inherit the Sparks

Once upon a time, in a {location} not very far away, unless you live somewhere else, a young man and his two brothers were the only heirs to a soup tureen factory. You can see where this is going, can’t you? Yes, when their parents died, he pushed the two brothers into the soup and served them up at the funeral dinner. Everyone thought the brothers had died of grief, which would be interesting as they hardly ever talked to the parents. The brothers had kept busy working in the soup tureen factory.

After a few months, production was down at the factory as the brothers no longer were there to keep things running smoothly. The young man began to regret his rash actions. He also regretted eating the soup due to the rash in which he broke out. To appease the ghosts of his brothers, he created the most beautiful soup tureen every made in the factory.

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Post 5: Sparky’s a Gas!!!!

What do you get when you mix Sparky and gas?  The Sparky and the —


condition: good

36 inch flat gridle
good working

Have to be gone today!!!!

How much do you want to bet it says the name of the gas involved on the item?

Propane Hot Water Heater – $250

Propane hot water heater in good working order. Energy star efficient. Came out of house that was built in 2004 so not sure Featured imageexactly how old. Only selling because I’m getting away from propane – personally don’t like it just replaced it with electric. asking $250 O.B.O.

One: I think I’ll hook it up to my cold water cooler and let them fight it out.

Thanks Ralph and One!