Stimulating Conversation

Here we have a perfect example of rational, thoughtful dialogue on the subject of material possesions.  Just kidding, it’s The Battle of The F’ing Sparkies.

f’ing low life the broke into my truck at sizzler
Ur a piece of sh*t do u feel good stealing from some one that works to pay for ur welfare y dnt u get a f’ing job and buy ur own sh*t. Stealing my other car keys u dumb f’k i hope u try n steal that it will b the last time u ever breath i will make sure of that i hope someone catches u before me then again i dont i need a moving target. Little did u know that u f’ed with the wrong whiteguy…. All u welfare cases need to get the f’k out of [location] ur the reason y we r bankrupt u mother f’ers are no good to soolciety y dnt u do all of us a favor and go kill urselfs
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Oh, harsh!  Your rebuttal, sir?

Along with the bullshit you so desperately try to express Please, use your auto correct. To see how hard you must of struggled to put 5 sentences together must have been rough for you. Seeing how you think so small being a racist “white guy” prick. Maybe you should be more careful on locking your door. If you really think the person that stole from your truck is a welfare case and they are the cause to [location’s] bankruptcy you are ill informed. Like many others that read your post, I laughed my brown spic ass to your nagging. Please do respond. I would love to read your next f’ed up 5 sentences.

Almost made it all the way without an F-bomb.  And here’s another point of view.

Hey , “WTF” is wrong with your politically correct dumb ass generation! This man just got his shit stolen , he`s been violated and punked ,,,would`nt you be a little angry , and vent out a little frustration? You just called yourself and your gente “people” a derogatory phrase.Of course you were just being sarcastic and just joking around ,but this man can’t make a few comments out of justifiable anger!Sir , that makes you a bigot.Your probably the kind of person that if you witnessed a burglary or someone breaking into a car and stealing something ,you`d look the other way and if the police asked you if you seen anything you`d probably say “no” out fear of being labeled a snitch.People pay money for their material goods and whether that money comes from working ,welfare ,or drug dealing nobody likes getting their sh*t stolen.So do us a favor and don’t demean the man for his spelling cause that`s just way off the subject.His use of grammar and punctuation would tell any person that his comment`s about [locations`] bankruptcy hold no merit.I`m kind of sick of small minded people using laws` that were intended for one purpose and turn them around to suit their own personal beliefs , we still live in AMERICA and there`s still freedom of speech ,and this is after all , “the internet” where the jihadist can openly post executions of Americans and others , So don`t get your panties in a bunch , Sh*t that guy posting that might be somebody you know or work with or go to school with , So give`m a break man.

Sparky the Second, your answer?

Another , misdirected troll ,,,,I was aware that race was never mentioned in the original post , but it seems that you and the second poster have the same size dicks ,,,,,, I never mentioned race either. You could drop the line but that does`nt mean your gonna catch the big fish ,,,,, even in a small pond.

And finally, someone who claims to have balls.

re:re:re:re: LOWLIFE TRUCK – 21

age : 21Featured image
Cry me a f’ing river with your bullsh*t. Yes, Indeed it is his right to express himself and it is also my right. So if I decide to respond to him that is my choice. who cares who’s dick is bigger. Are you going to stroke and jiggle my balls? I do not have remorse for a racist idiot that got his sh*t jacked. We all think differently. Your more than welcome to respond to my post and call me what you please. WE both know in the end it doesn’t mean sh*t but a laugh.

Yeah, that went well!

21 thoughts on “Stimulating Conversation

  1. An F bombing Sparky was pissed.
    For a thief just had to be dissed.
    On Craigslist he’d post.
    So loud did he boast.
    I could hear him shaking his fist.

    For Sparky’s great truck was robbed it would seem.
    And for this he sought a thief he could ream.
    So filled with disgust.
    He swore ’till he bust.
    Too far he had gone, unjustly I deem.

    And though his loss included some keys.
    I only can think, Sparky, oh please.
    You’re so out of touch.
    Your rant is too much.
    ‘Cause he probably left all the bees.

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  2. Ah the god ol’ “Ur a racist” “No u!!!” kind of arguments with excessive tough-guy talk I run into all around the internet.

    I really don’t know why they continue to talk when it’s obvious no one is going to “win”.

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