Post 2 In Which I Realize I Need to Hire Someone to Think Up Titles.

I wonder what our beloved Llama-nun and Ostrimu are doing these days, with all their leisure time.

Used Cooking Oil

Featured image
6-8 35 pound boxes of used cooking oil. Great for biodiesel!

FREE – u haul it from the back yard.

Call or text for address.


Oh, Ostrimu. Why? That vintage Crisco has lost all its value. Now that YsaC has folded, I guess they needed to clean out the lounge. Still, *sniff* this is hard to digest. Kinda goes right through you. Slicker than Sparky on something slippery.

18 thoughts on “Post 2 In Which I Realize I Need to Hire Someone to Think Up Titles.

  1. I met a guy who owned a business collecting used cooking oil from restaurants. He would then recycle it. He also told me if you use used cooking oil for fuel in your vehicle (there is some conversion involved), if the government found out, you would get taxed a fuel tax on your cheap biofuel. He wanted to sell me his business.

    That is all I have until my brain gets hydrated.

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  2. Translation: “I kept/stole/otherwise acquired a load of used cooking oil thinking I could use it to run my truck. Then I found out that not only did that mean a conversion process which I can’t be bothered with, but that the amount I have won’t even get me to the shops to stock up on beer. I’m now bored with looking at it and my wife is complaining about the smell, though she did that anyway even before I acquired the cooking oil.”

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  3. Forget the oil. How much for the crappy table? It would fit perfectly with the camp chairs I have set up on my front porch. Between those, that awesomely “vintage” table, and the fact that I haven’t mowed my lawn or weeded since June, I’ll be well on my way to being THAT house in the neighborhood.

    I love not having an HOA…

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  4. What strikes me the most is the “6-8 35 lbs boxes”. That’s an uncertanity of 2 boxes, or, to put it more impressively: 70 POUNDS of cooking oil which they are unsure if they possess or not.

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