Post 3: Barber Shop Lament

Don’t you love getting free stuff?  I do.  I just hate having to make a decision.  Remember when things were Old School and you didn’t have so many options to choose from?

Free Hot Razor ShavesFeatured image

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Free Hot Razor Shaves by appointment from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., at [Someone]’s Barber Shop.

If you haven’t found yourself a Barber Shop, this may be the place for you. If your’re tired of going to places where they don’t take time to give you what you want, come in and see me. I’m a traditional old SCHOOL BARBER Shop

I do:

Business-Man cut
Flat tops
Buzz cut
Duck’s Ass
Harvard Clip
High and tight
Induction cut
Ivy League
Line up
Mod cut
Comb over
Crew Cut
BALD head (Straight Razor Shave)
Beard Shave (Straight Razor)
Regular Haircut
Bowl cut
Devil Lock
Dido flip
Razor cut
Slicked Back
Temp fade Afro

[Someone]’s Barber Shop

Call [number]
(First Time Clients Only Please)

I get the impression they only ever have First Time Clients. I’d like to see the High and Tight, please.

25 thoughts on “Post 3: Barber Shop Lament

  1. I can see someone asking for a comb-over:

    “Good morning, sir. How would you like me to cut your hair today?”

    “I’d like a mumble mumble mumble, please.”

    “I’m sorry, sir?”

    “I said I’d like a mutter mutter mutter, please.”

    “I’m afraid I can’t hear you, sir.”

    “Are you deaf? I’d like a COMB-OVER! A COMB-OVER!”

    (Entire barbershop stares in shock.)

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  2. I went to an old school once. I take that back. I went to two old schools. Unless you count that other one too. And that one that doesn’t exist. The one that doesn’t exist was the first school I ever went to. I lived in town and lived out of town when I went there. Actually, I lived out of town first, then lived in town. Then I graduated and I moved to the big city far away and went to a newer school. The city wasn’t as big as the one across the river, but it was the biggest city I ever lived in up to that point. Unless you count the big city across the river when I lived in the hospital for the first two weeks of my life. Fourteen years later I moved back to the big city across the river. I went to an old school next door to the old hospital I lived in for two weeks. When I moved away from the big city,(the one with the newer school) I went back to the town with the school that doesn’t exist and I went to a brand new school even though the old non-existent school was still there. Then I moved to a teeny-tiny town that had the old school mentioned in the first line of this comment. But that old school wasn’t in the teeny-tiny town. It was way out in the middle of somewhere. Somewhere with lots of sagebrush, cacti, and rattlesnakes. Except I never saw any rattlesnakes because I had really bad eyesight. I didn’t learn I had really bad eyesight until I moved to a ghost town. I didn’t live in the ghost town. I lived outside of the ghost town. But when I lived in the teeny-tiny town, but really outside the teeny-tiny town, my mother cut my hair. She put the wrong plastic thingy on the hair clippers and accidentally shaved me bald.
    So my question to you is, should I go to this barber and see if he can get my hair back?

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  3. I wouldn’t trust anyone who is actually willing to admit to, and advertise, their ability to create the mullet. Ugh, just no.
    And now I’m curious, what is the difference between the “Business-Man cut” and the “Professional cut”?

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  4. Off Topic: Is anyone else having problems with the “Like” star? When I click it, WordPress first wants me to log in, but still won’t register a “Like” afterwards on either a Mac or a PC in Firefox.

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      • Love you! LoveYou! LOVE YOU! Windy for all your efforts and everything!!!! But…..can’t you make it just like YSaCL used to be in the good old days…only new and better?
        Then, can you make Luby’s bring back their French-broiled chicken livers, and make my ballet dancer girlfriend from years ago come back, and finally make life just like it was in the 50’s. (only without the racism and Rambler station wagons) That’s all, thanks!!!!

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