Post 5: Sparky’s a Gas!!!!

What do you get when you mix Sparky and gas?  The Sparky and the —


condition: good

36 inch flat gridle
good working

Have to be gone today!!!!

How much do you want to bet it says the name of the gas involved on the item?

Propane Hot Water Heater – $250

Propane hot water heater in good working order. Energy star efficient. Came out of house that was built in 2004 so not sure Featured imageexactly how old. Only selling because I’m getting away from propane – personally don’t like it just replaced it with electric. asking $250 O.B.O.

One: I think I’ll hook it up to my cold water cooler and let them fight it out.

Thanks Ralph and One!

11 thoughts on “Post 5: Sparky’s a Gas!!!!

    • Sparky….my problem is personally I need my cold water heated…my hot water is, personally, already hot. And if your hot water heater is now 10-11 years old, you’re in the homestretch of appliance life….personally, I feel $250 is just to much to ask. Now, if you personally asked me to haul off said hot water heater, I would consider asking $250 to do it. Personally, I would feel it my sacred duty.

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  1. Sorry Sparky, 36″ isn’t big enough. I’m looking for a George Four Man gridle. Or maybe a girdle.

    And I’m curious about what appears to be a squirrel cage blower on top of the water heater, where you normally put the safety relief valve. Is it supposed to help the getaway, or to vent leaking propane past a sparking electric motor?

    5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1….

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  2. Spark the first,

    Have to be gone today!!!!

    I sure do hope that that is a chronic condition, I’d hate to keep running into you in my endeavor to acquire prophanity.

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  3. If I’d been 36″ prophane I’d understand why I’d be gone today – to escape the avenging hordes of angels and cherubim and the rest Sparkiis, why not just switch it on and then light up a last cigarette near the gas then ……. Sarcasm. sparki, sarcasm. RIP. Another one bites the dust.

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