Post 6: Through a Glass, Sparky

This Sparky is certainly an optimist

free full glass for a storm door 27w 66 quart long

u picket it up free just the glass call for pick up dave

all so could be used for a top to a green house ?

Okay, confused, but optimistic.

This Sparky, however, is just confused.

Nice glass cunter hight dinning table and 4 chair – $475Featured image

Dinning table is 6 months old. very nice {Sparky}
Contact if serious buyer.

Not all women are the same hight. And I just can’t be serious about this. Can’t tell if the drapes match the carpet, No reflective porn, either.

Featured image

Thanks again, Ralph. You just earned your own tag.

18 thoughts on “Post 6: Through a Glass, Sparky

  1. I’m a little confused with the first ad, just how long is 66 quart? I know I’m Canadian and we’re metric up here but I am also old enough to remember using Imperial measurements and I just don’t remember quarts being used to measure length.
    I don’t even want to know what measuring system is used for the second ad.

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    • That glass can hold quite a bit. 27 watts and 16 1/2 gallons (66 quarts). What is it filled with and should I empty it before I picket it up?

      Oh, and ninja, They probably used quarts for their measurements because gallons are a little bit fatter so it wouldn’t be as tall. You should probably study this new math we got down here.

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      • Thanks for clearing that up One. I think I am going to have to see if I can find an on line cat math course. I guess litres (WP is saying this is speeled wrong – WP needs to learn to speak Canadian), are thinner than quarts?

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