Post 8: Inherit the Sparks

Once upon a time, in a {location} not very far away, unless you live somewhere else, a young man and his two brothers were the only heirs to a soup tureen factory. You can see where this is going, can’t you? Yes, when their parents died, he pushed the two brothers into the soup and served them up at the funeral dinner. Everyone thought the brothers had died of grief, which would be interesting as they hardly ever talked to the parents. The brothers had kept busy working in the soup tureen factory.

After a few months, production was down at the factory as the brothers no longer were there to keep things running smoothly. The young man began to regret his rash actions. He also regretted eating the soup due to the rash in which he broke out. To appease the ghosts of his brothers, he created the most beautiful soup tureen every made in the factory.

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