Post 9: Weekend Warrior

Today’s Science Fact: 65% of Americans who live in what can be called suburbia like to barbecue on the weekends.  Sometimes they will fire up the ol’ grill, invite in the whole neighborhood, and cook for hours and hours.  Grilling can be thirsty work, as well as time sensitive.  Your average cheg can’t be running to the bathroom every three or four beers he downs.  There’s no way he would make it into the World Series of Barbecue with that kind of time. And the wife won’t let him use the sink her washer drains into.

No, there has to be a solution that will keep her happy and keep him in top form for that life-long goal of being part of the winning team in 2015.  While perusing Free Stuff , Suburban Sparky found the answer!


image 1


Yes, if he was tolit to make it to the bathroom, why not have plumbing next to the grill?

Good one, Ralph.

13 thoughts on “Post 9: Weekend Warrior

  1. Here in the Desert Southwest the only weather that worries me when planning to grill is the high springtime wind. I have grilled in snow and rain, but will not light a match if the air is brown. As my favorite slogan goes, “Welcome to the Land of Enchantment! In the springtime, try not to get too much enchantment in your eyes.” That wind is also why I don’t have a tolit next to my outdoor grill. I wouldn’t wanna use tolit paper coated with too much enchantment.

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