Post 10: Home and Lifestyle Makeover

Someone I know is renting a new apartment, and needs some basic furniture. Of course, I suggested he look on Craigslist. The first item he needs is a –


 image 1

free computer former tenant says it works well

Free is good! Clearly a great bargain.  Next, what to do with the television and all these cloths?

T V stand with 3 drawers or ????? – $55

Could put shelves in it and use it all for cloths!!

I will NOT respond to spam e-mails if you email me You MUST include your phone number.
So I know you are real. I deal local, Face to Face and cash only.
Thank you 🙂

I will delete when sold!!

[Yes, but what’s the ????? that I can also buy for $55? -Lyle]

[No pictures included]

I have a phone number, so I must be real! Now there’s just some chairs and a –

True Marble oval coffee table – $275

Featured image

© craigslist –

condition: excellent
size / dimensions: 15 tall, 46 x 24 oval

Gorgeous high end marble coffee table. Rosa Aurora marble, made in Portugal (Google it – nice stuff)! Purchased at Davidsons furniture. In excellent condition…very nice piece! French style curved legs. Base is wood, ivory with gold trim paint.

Nothing cheap about this table. No comparison to the “marble look” stuff you see at NFM!

Featured image

Nice table, but 15 tall is a little too big.  Not sure about that high-end issue, either. The beer cans would fall right off.I would really like that –

Blue French side chair – $55 (Location)

Featured imageFeatured image

© craigslist

condition: good

Beautiful blue side chair. French style with cane curved sides. High quality comfortable side chair in very good condition. This has been a formal living room chair…used only on holidays and special occasions.

Well, it definitely has a side. Sparky dodged the P word, too. Very clever.

Thanks, Ralph, Lyle, and Windy!

9 thoughts on “Post 10: Home and Lifestyle Makeover

  1. That computer works so well and so fast that you can barely catch it on camera. Next time maybe sparky needs to use the “Sports Capture” setting on the camera.

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  2. As I stand here in front of my TV, wearing my drawers, I can’t help but ask…
    1? What is your name?
    2? What is your favorite color?
    3? What’s with all these fricking question marks?

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