Post 23: Friday Round-up

Sometimes I cruise through Craigslist in hopes I can find a little shred of humanity hanging out in the ads. You know, someone who just wants to help others. Well, I found the following ads, all thankfully without any photos. Let’s vote for our favorite, shall we? Continue reading

Post 22: Sparky Goes Green, With a Touch of Yellow

Remember on You Suck at Craigslist when some one tried to sell snow? Yeah, that was so much fun. And with all the snow available in parts of the US these days, don’t you think someone would have –

Wait, I just received a bulletin from nojazzie. This Sparky is not SELLING the snow, he is actually GIVING AWAY the snow as a source of water. We take you now to [Location] for the full Sparky. Continue reading

Post 21: Opportunity Knocks You Upside the Head

Here at Sparkyville, we understand the American Dream. We know everyone wants to improve their place in life. Make things better for the next litter of Sparky spawn. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to help ease the path to that double wide mobile home with the enclosed porch and pop-out extra room. As long as the opportunity is legit. Continue reading

Post 20: Everything a Hep Cat Could Wish For.

Perhaps it’s time that I made a few changes to my looks. I wonder how I would look with a couple of eyebrow piercings? And my hair straightened? Oh, contacts would be so awesome! I would, of course, need sunglasses if I had contacts. What would I look like?

Before we answer that question, look what Ninjachow found! The whole package. Continue reading