Post 13: The Classic

You Suck at Craigslist first discovered the inability of Sparkies to correctly identify the big cats.  Thus any tiger became a Not. A. Lion. The list of items depicting Not.A.Lions is long and inglorious. My thanks to camille for today’s offering: It’s almost gotten too easy to find these not-a-lions.  Also, I think maybe the not-a-lion ate Hello Kitty. 

Kids back bags ( hello kitty, lion, I love NY) – $30


Keep those cards and letters coming in!

12 thoughts on “Post 13: The Classic

  1. It looks like someone mounted a Beanie Baby head on this backpack. If it’s a rare collector’s edition, maybe that would explain how the heck this pack is worth $30.

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  2. psst…hey kid. Youse wanna backpack? I got a nice backpack here – real quality. Got a nice lion on it, too. Nice..Hello lion, hello pussycat…whateveh…I’ll let you have it real cheap…Hey…where you goin’? fuggedaboutit!

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    • Yeah, I’m thinking maybe a bear going to a costume ball or a raccoon making a fashion statement or a red raccoon dog down in the dumps or a ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal or a mouse in a gopher disguise. Well, whatever it is, it comes with baggage.

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  3. [true story] The ninja often gets comments that she looks like a lion or a bear, not unexpected with a chow. Sometimes though (and scarily more that a few times) I will here “that dog looks like a tiger”. Thanks to YSAC (and now Sparkyville) every time I hear that all I can think is, no, the ninja is not a Not.A.Lion. :->

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