Post 14: Welcome Back, Sports Fans!

American Football is over, Baseball won’t start for a while, so it looks like we’ll have to do with Heat Season! Female basketball fans in Miami are required to wear a particular outfit that must be put on in the correct order.

Miami Heat Red sequence bikini $125 OBO

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Miami Heat
model name / number: Bikini
size / dimensions: Medium

Miami Heat red sequence bikini in excellent condition Bought from the MBA store in Orlando Florida. Size medium $125 OBO great deal very hard to find in this color A collectors item.

image 1

My concern is that there could be an accident when a player tries to grab the ball. I do love the little flame on the butt. Thanks, Ralph. Good thing it’s for sale by owner. Guess they need more obos for half time.

17 thoughts on “Post 14: Welcome Back, Sports Fans!

  1. As a service to the eventual buyer, since I’m pretty sure this will be missing instructions, here’s the sequence:

    1. Buy used bikini on Craigslist.

    2. Make the world’s largest ball of chewing gum completely out of pieces of gum you find under tables in the mall food court. Chew to verify that they are, in fact, gum.

    3. Smell the sneezes of strangers.

    4. Realize you didn’t ask the seller for the men’s size of your bikini and you can’t wear it.

    5. Cry.

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  2. *looks at bikini*

    Hmm, most kids would be happy playing ball-in-a-cup. Male athletes tend to play two-balls-in-a-cup. Apparently female athletes tend to play ball-on-a-boob.

    Don’t forget to send some coffee kibble to the corner this morning.

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  3. Being British I am lost. Why is it hard to find in this colour? Who is A? What type ‘medium’ would it fit? A straightforward channelling medium, or one that brought up ectoplasm as well ( hence the butt flame?). Rare though it claims to be, I think I’ll pass on a second hand bikini!

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    • I too am lost, what size exactly is a medium $125 OBO? Is it because I’m Canadian that I don’t understand? Do I need a remedial course in cat math sizing?

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  4. *puts hand on second picture*

    It feels pretty cool to the touch. I think someone is going to have to put it on to get any heat from it.
    Any volunteers?

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