Post 15: I Love Rock and Roll!

Have you ever wanted to go camping, but just don’t have anywhere to put your coffee and snacks? Maybe this Sparky can help you out?

Unique Rolling Coffee Table – $30




This table is about 32″ square and stands approximately 12″ off the floor. Its legs are on wheels, and the wheels have brakes so it doesn’t fly out from under you…?

It is in good condition but does have a few scuffs on the corners.

Asking $30

Well I guess since it is outside brakes might be necessary? If the camper’s a rockin’, and you can’t go knockin’, you can put the brakes on the table, and knock boots without fear of the table going for a ride at the most inopportune moment? Really, what more could you ask for?

14 thoughts on “Post 15: I Love Rock and Roll!

  1. [corey]This is a moving dolly. A construction company used several of these to move cabinets from my truck to their respective classrooms in a new school back when I drove truck for a living.[/corey]

    This guy is trying to sell his used dolly, and if his dolly tends to fly out from under him…

    …maybe he’s not using it right.

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  2. I mean, if it had a s’mores compartment and a beer beverage holder, I might consider. However, the sofa I usually pack for camping would finally find a happy campfire mate. I’m concerned about the castors though. Wagon wheels in my Oregon Trail game didn’t usually have a happy ending. *buzzards circling*

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