Post 16: 50 Ways to Deal with Rover

I am dismayed when people get a pet and then discard it at the first excuse. I have a lot of parrots because of this behavior. I have a cat because of this behavior. My landlady said I could get a dog, so I have spend some time looking through the pet sections, and believe I will get a dog due to this same thought process. Now, granted, this first ad may or may not have a valid reason to rehome the pup. I think it’s a pup. I think the photo is of the pup. What do you think?

  • I have a 1 and a half year old beabull … she was my grandmother but she has dementia and can no longer care for her … she is a very sweet girl she loves other dogs and kids she does not run off she walks by your side … she is not spayed and she had pups 3 months ago I would like her to go to someone who can be more responsible for her she does have all her shots if interested just text

Featured image

Then you have those folks who don’t tell you why they need to rehome the pets. Anyone need to have dogs that can house train your kids?

Chihuahua $50

  • Age:Adult

  • Gender:Female

  • Breed:Chihuahua

  • Offered by:Owner

  • Description:

  • I have 2 chihuahua for sale one is 8year old and the other is a year Los and they are very sweet and house train and they are good with kids and other dogs.

Any pictures of these Chihuahuas were Los.

Imagine if you could give up your kids to be rehomed like this loving pet owner wants to do:

German shepherd needs a loving home

I need a loving home to adopt my dog as their own child … I am going thru life changes and can no longer keep him. He is 2 yrs old and has not been neutered. I want a loving couple with GERMAN SHEPHERD EXPERIENCE to take care of him and must have no other pets. There is a re- homing fee to insure he goes into a good home. I just want a good life for him…plenty of attention, nurture and care. Must keep him indoors.

This Sparky obviously wants a good home and a few hundred dollars so he can sleep at night.

Well, at least this next dog is going along for the ride.

One Dude, One Dog, One Ride

Hi! My road dog, Ivy, and I are in need of a ride down to northern California (as near to Ukiah as we can get). We had another ride cancel on us due to weather 😦
We are both friendly folks with contributions to gas/meals. Ivy rides in cars better than most humans :p
Looking to leave anywhere from Tuesday evening through Thursday. Thanks for you help!! 🙂
Kevin & Ivy

One ride, two seats. Hope they make it. Thanks, One, for providing this better than average ad.

18 thoughts on “Post 16: 50 Ways to Deal with Rover

  1. My one and a half year old beabull was my grandmother but she has dementia.

    If you think that beabull is your grandmother, and you think that is the proper spelling for beagle, I think someone else has dementia too.

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  2. “We are both friendly folks with contributions to gas/meals.”

    Okay, who contributes to the gas? Are we going to have to make the whole trip with the windows rolled down?

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  3. [corey] Beabull is probably a cross between a beagle and a bulldog. It seems these days people are trying to legitimize mutts by creating new “legitimate” names for the breeds. For example puggle (pug x beagle), golden doodle (golden retriever x standard poodle) etc. [corey]
    Dementia or not I am a little jealous, can you imagine how popular a kid would have been in school with a dog for a grandmother!

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  4. [matt] Come on people, when you adopt a pet it is for life. These ads are all too common, get a cute little puppy on impulse and when it grows up a little bit and starts chewing your shoes just dump it on Craigslist and make a few bucks, and probably do it all over again in a year or two. [/matt]

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  5. [one more matt, sorry] Spay your dogs people, a year old beabull is still a puppy and should not be having puppies. [end matt]
    Okay, I’ve got all my outrage out of my system now, how do you rehome a Los dog? Maybe he’s not really Los, maybe he’s already rehomed himself and just didn’t tell you.

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  6. I’m still trying to figure out how Grandma had puppies just three months ago, and now has dementia. I mean, I know having kids is stressful and all, but this seems extreme. Also, the part about Grandma having puppies does not seem to comport with what I know about biology, not to mention the part about Grandma being a year and a half old.

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