Post 17: God Loves You More in Hawaii

Missionaries are dedicated, rugged individuals, willing to travel to the least-developed countries to spread the Good News.  They face horrible diseases, political unrest, civil war, and possible death.  But their belief runs strong and deep.  A missionary goes where God tells them to go, and where the Spirit moves them.  Even Sparky can be inspired to follow His path.

pastors looking for a place to live (oahu) We are two pastors with ou

pastors looking for a place to live (oahu)

We are two pastors with our passion being doing our ministry helping people with out reach clothing jobs and human dignity etc… on Oahu.
we are looking for a place to live in trade for our considerable expertise

master journeyman
Holistic practitioner
microcurrent specialist
pro dog and cat trainer
pro drum and percussion teacher
thank you for taking time to read this ad

Thanks, Ducky!  I need some cateraking myself.

19 thoughts on “Post 17: God Loves You More in Hawaii

    • God has called me to count money. Please send me as much money as you can to fulfill my mission on God’s behalf. God will know if you do not send all the money you can. Be assured this is not for my own personal benefit, but for God’s. He has spoken directly to me on this subject, and the fate of all mankind may depend on your generosity and faith. Cash, checks, moneyorders and PayPal all accepted. God’s blessing be upon you………

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  1. “cateraking”

    When I read this, I thought, “Did they mean catering or caretaking?’
    When I searched the “word”, it asked, “Did you mean “cameraking”?

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  2. Sparky was sounding pretty talented what with saving your soul, building your house, healing your body, teaching music and providing security and all in Oahu, wow. Then I saw the part about cat training and realized it must be all lies, we all know you can’t train a cat.
    And what is a microcurrent specialist?

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  3. I tried to go to Hawaii once. When I was in San Luis Obispo, CA, my dispatcher asked me which direction I wanted to go. I said West. “But them cab over Petes don’t float.”

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