Post 18: The Buck Stopped Here

You Suck at Craigslist developed a special place for certain animal parts or even whole animals. We had a mummified lizard found in the back of a car. We were offered bedazzled deer hoofs as a coat rack. And a swing set with a deer carcass hanging on it. The following isn’t a Craigslist ad, it’s offered on eBay. And it is very impressive.

Mummified Deer Head


“dust, dirt, and cobwebs”

Featured imageFeatured image

US $40.50

This has been sitting in my buddies garage for years now. The ears are still there but curled up. I can see the bottom row of teeth. There is hair here and dead bugs here and there. The skull is hard and from base to the tip of the antlers 5.75” tall and it is 4” wide and 13” long. Thanks for looking!

I believe there was only one owner, the original proud deer. Sigh.

13 thoughts on “Post 18: The Buck Stopped Here

  1. Well, unless you stuck a wire coat hanger up its nose and pulled its brains out and put the brains in a stone jar, it aint been mummified right.

    This thing should be featured on “Badly Stuffed…er Mummified Animals”

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  2. I think I must be watching too much Walking Dead because the most horrifying thing I see in this ad is the grammar error of buddies instead of buddy’s.
    The profile view actually kinda reminds me of Bullwinkle.

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    • [corey] ninjachow….unless two or more buddies own a garage; in which case it should be “buddies’ garage”. It’s still a spelling error, just not quite as egregious. (unless rules are different in Canadian) In the U.S. we no longer put any effort into teaching things like spelling, grammar, or syntax,……it stifles our students’ creativity and personal expression.

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      • Of course we wouldn’t want to stifle the special little snowflakes, and having seen some of the latest spelling of kid’s names I’d say that it starts long before they start school. My kids are past school age so I don’t know if they waste time on silly little things like spelling and grammar anymore. I’m pretty sure no one is teaching common courtesy or manners anymore.

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