Post 20: Everything a Hep Cat Could Wish For.

Perhaps it’s time that I made a few changes to my looks. I wonder how I would look with a couple of eyebrow piercings? And my hair straightened? Oh, contacts would be so awesome! I would, of course, need sunglasses if I had contacts. What would I look like?

Before we answer that question, look what Ninjachow found! The whole package.

Conair Flat Iron/8Gauge Surgical SteelBarbells/Sunglasses/FreeContacts

*8 Gauge surgical steel circular barbells- $25 for pair

image 1

*Conair Flat Iron – $10

*Kensie 70’s style purple ombre sunglasses with leather arms -$10

*Esprit purple large frame sunglasses with rhinestone accents-$10

FREE:2 Air Optix Aqua w/Astigmatism contacts: -1.00 with astigmatism (CYL -0.75/Axis 080)

2 Air Optix Aqua Contacts: -1.75 b.c 8.6

New lens case and bottle of Opti-Free Express Solution.

Willing to meet at Skytrain station of choosing with a 24hr notice. Feel free to call or text number provided.

Here’s what Ms. Sparky looks like —


O-kay. And here’s what I would look like —

Featured image

Only not so trendy.  Thanks, Ninjachow, for all the things.

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