Post 21: Opportunity Knocks You Upside the Head

Here at Sparkyville, we understand the American Dream. We know everyone wants to improve their place in life. Make things better for the next litter of Sparky spawn. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to help ease the path to that double wide mobile home with the enclosed porch and pop-out extra room. As long as the opportunity is legit.

Legit counterfeit $$

Serious customers contact me

(phone number)

Can’t go wrong, right? And if by chance you find out it’s not totally legit, you might be lucky like this fellow.

Thank U! 4 not arresting me late late last night!! – m4m – 39


To that sexy older black cop with glasses, thank YOU for not arresting

me when you pulled me over because of my break light…. I am WAS

extremely nervous and completely naked… I tried grabbing my robe but

you were all ready at my window shining that bright ass light…. I

was too scared to say ANYTHING to you! Now, that I am thinking about

it I wonder what really was going through your mind when you saw that

I had NOTHING on??

[Mercifully, there were no pictures.]

Officer: Do NOT step out of the car. (I can’t wait to get back to the station. This tops Baker’s story about the lady letting her dog steer.)

Naked Sparky never listened to his mother when she said to always wear clean underwear. Thanks, Y S a C creators for passing on Greg’s submission, and Dave for being alert.

6 thoughts on “Post 21: Opportunity Knocks You Upside the Head

    • 2 legit… 2 legit 2 quit
      Sweat running all over my chest i don’t quit no! (no)
      I just sweat harder than i ever did before (for)
      Sitting naked in my car and the cops pull me over (over)
      Legit counterfeit in the truck and I hope that he don’t take me away (way)
      Cause Sparky don’t play that.
      You try to get mine boy you better step back (freeze)
      Cause you don’t want none
      I hustle for my money and those bills ain’t weak son (yea)
      I’m goin for all that i can print
      Kickin at the top cause i’m 2 legit 2 quit…

      2 legit… 2 legit 2 quit (hey…hey…)

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      • For cryin’ out loud….what does a person have to do to get arrested these days?…. counterfeiting is now legit……driving around naked won’t do it….even having a “break” light out is apparently o.k. Just what is the world coming to? Maybe this Sharia law thingie wouldn’t be such a bad idea……

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