Post 22: Sparky Goes Green, With a Touch of Yellow

Remember on You Suck at Craigslist when some one tried to sell snow? Yeah, that was so much fun. And with all the snow available in parts of the US these days, don’t you think someone would have –

Wait, I just received a bulletin from nojazzie. This Sparky is not SELLING the snow, he is actually GIVING AWAY the snow as a source of water. We take you now to [Location] for the full Sparky.

Naturally Filtered Water (Hudson NH)

Featured image

condition: new

make / manufacturer: Mother Nature

model name / number: H2O

size / dimensions: Approx. size of New England

I have plenty of naturally filtered water by precipitation at my house and I’m willing to share with anyone that’s willing to pick it up. Its conveniently frozen for easy loading with a shovel or snow blower. Just throw it in the bed of your truck or the back of your car and drive away… please. I’ll help load and every third truck load comes with a free beer too! Free beer AND delicious water?! What’s better? Nothing. I’ll see you soon.

If you feel too guilty to take this wonderful and valuable resource without compensating me at all, I will gladly accept donations of sunshine, green grass, smiles, or tropical temperatures.

Obviously Sparky is hallucinating, or had too much beer already. What happens when a bunch of “guys” drink beer in the great outdoors? That’s right, they start playing Frank Zappa music. Could be worse.

Thanks, nojazzie, great submission.

15 thoughts on “Post 22: Sparky Goes Green, With a Touch of Yellow

  1. Um, I think this was one of mine again, but I don’t really care about the credit. I actually have more important things in my life than Sparky snarking.

    I’ll think of some in a few minutes.

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