Post 36: Furgone Conclusion

I had this nagging feeling I was forgetting something.  Then I remembered, it’s a Sparky Day!  Turning to my trusty email account, I perused the wonderful submissions by commentators since the blog began.  This one just popped in just last night,  and in the interest of finding this pet a new home, I am posting it immediately. Continue reading

Post 35: CLYDE!!!

History often repeats itself. Rumor has it that History has lost it’s short term memory, so doesn’t remember when it’s already done a shtick. Like world wars. Or plagues. Or Justin Beiber. But that has nothing to do with today’s post. Today we wrap up the week with a love-lorn Bonnie looking for her Clyde. Get the tissues. And maybe the buckets. Continue reading

Post 34: Sparky Country Safari

:cue David Attenborough: Suburbia. The breeding ground for Sparkies and their companion animals. On this program we will examine the more unusual species that co-habitat in these dens and lairs. Viewer discretion is advised as there could be bloodshed and violence. Also the smell is rather unpleasant. Continue reading

Post 33: Blue Jeans Baby

The American lifestyle is detrimental to fertility and reproduction. Billions of dollars are spent every year on research into improving chances of pregnancy. Sadly, some of the processes result in multiple births. On the other hand, people on welfare do not seem to have any problems in this area. Shouldn’t someone be studying their lifestyle for the key to the whole quiver-full of issues? Continue reading