Post 24: I am a Fine Musician

I am pleased to present this Craigslist submission from our very own Ostrimu, Piano Dan. I very carefully did not ask him why he was looking at these sorts of ads. None of my business. Nope, not even interested. I’ll ask the Llama-nun when she gets back from Phoenix.

Nude Classical/Jazz Musicians Needed

compensation: Compensation negotiable

I’m looking to hire 1-4 nude musicians to play during an art opening in [Location} from 6-8pm on March 11th. I am the curator of a show of tasteful nude photographs that reference famous nudes from the history of art, and I’m looking to hire nude musicians to play at the opening. Rate is negotiable.

A nude cellist, a nude jazz duo, a nude string quartet, two naked jazz flautists–these are all ideas of performers who would be perfect to play at our opening. Interested parties, please contact me for more details.

Do I regret the lack of photos? No, I’m pretty sure it will be in the news.

20 thoughts on “Post 24: I am a Fine Musician

  1. It’s a gallery opening, you say?
    *pushes glasses halfway down nose and adopts bored, superior attitude*
    The full frontal nudity is a comment on the way social media has exposed all of our most private secrets and made us voyeurs into one another’s lives. The naked bums represent man’s inhumanity to man.

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  2. I’m not sure any musicians, nude or otherwise, should be playing at anybody’s opening. I certainly wouldn’t want them at mine.

    Ooh, you’ve got the corner all lovely and cosy, just how I remember it!

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    • I am having a visual of this. It involves stirrups.
      In possibly related news: Windy, have you set up the brainbleach station in the new Snark Lounge yet?

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