Post 25: Help for Single Women

As a Romance Writer, I find the Missed Connections part of Craigslist to be full of angst, longing, and occasionally a loss of all moral reasoning. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Ladies first. The look of lust could bring them together.

sunday at torrey pines beach – w4m

You were walking in front of the parked cars with with your two daughters (?) following behind. I was sitting in front of my car and we exchanged “a look” as you walked by. Would love to follow up on that look….

At least this Sparkette got a name.

Marco, sexy man outside Lowes – w4m – 31

age : 31 status : single

We run into each other outside Lowes while you were waiting for a ride. You mentioned that you were from Spain, tall, white, and a killer body. I went back a few times to find out of you were working there with no luck;(. Let’s hope that you read this and reach out……


I can’t imagine this “guy” won’t recall her, out of the thousands of people he must see every day.

Guy working at The Safari Park – w4m – 27

age : 27 body : curvy height : 5’5″ (165cm)

I met a cute guy working at the member services booth today (or yesterday as it were). Taller, red hair and goatee. We joked around when I was renewing my pass and again when I got money back for parking. I was wearing a dark green swearter and had my brown hair up in a ponytail. I think you’re adorable and so funny, send me an email on the offchance you find this.

Brian, who is called Brian, must answer she these questions three.

your name is Brian and I gave you a ride – w4m – 35

age : 35 body : hwp status : single

You were walking randomly looking for a payphone. ( not sure there are even payphones anymore) your car broken down and I gave you a ride. I was overly chatty and you were very patient with my crazy driving. I hoped you were single and maybe would ask for my number. But, Ill never know since I just dropped you off and left. If you are him and you are interested in chilling sometime then you MUST answer these questions in your reply…..

1) what day of the week was it?

2) what was I doing when you were walking by?

3) Where did you break down?

I am not playing games and not looking to hook up with some random guy that thinks I might be desperate. I am looking for this guy and if its not meant to happen then so be it!!

Sparkette can be admirably interested in the betterment of mankind. However, she goes on and on about that.

Talking to Homeless (?) Man Outside of Vons – w4m

This is really random and I know there’s a 99% chance you won’t ever see this. And it’s probably especially weird since you didn’t see me, most likely. But I saw you. You were outside of the Vons. There was a black man in a wheel chair at the entrance, asking for spare change. I didn’t have any on me so I had to keep walking when I left, but I always hate having to do that. Anyway, as I was leaving in my car I saw you talking to him, and I thought how nice that was. Then you extended your hand and y’all shook hands and continued talking. I thought, Wow… What a good guy.

To be fair I have NO clue what you were talking to him about. But the body language suggested it was respectful and kind.

Whatever the context, it was just so refreshing to see a cute young guy taking time to speak to this stranger in need.

So… I just wanted to thank you for that.

(I don’t expect you to reach out considering you have no idea who I am. Just on the extremely small chance you see this, just wanted to thank you. But if you do reach out, let me know what you were wearing or something so I know I’m not getting duped.)

It would be so refreshing if Sparkette would just come out and say what she really wants.

bjs – w4m – 22

looking to give head in [location] today send a face and body pic if interested looking for this afternoon and no one over 35

I think we’ll keep the gentlemen’s ads for Friday. And by gentlemen I obviously mean people who would not respond to that last Sparkette.

11 thoughts on “Post 25: Help for Single Women

  1. This Sparkinetta
    Hopes, out of thousands, the redhead remembers her chat.
    Good luck with that.
    Other Craigslisters
    Pose lots of questions in hope that they won’t get misled
    Or just give head.

    All the lonely people,
    They’re posting on Craigslist.
    All the lonely people,
    I wish they’d just desist.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You were walking in front of the parked cars with with your two daughters (?) following behind. I was sitting in front of my car and we exchanged “a look” as you walked by. Would love to follow up on that look….

    Oh…no, no, no you don’t Sparky. You mistook “a (get-your-fecking-eyes-off-my-child) look” for “a look“.

    There. Will. Be. Blood.

    Liked by 5 people

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