Post 26: Sparky Calls Dibbs

In the interest of equal time, and more snark, we present a selection of missed connections from the point of view of the male of the species. I suggest that sensitive readers turn away here. No, really, there’s a bit of language and reliving fun times and so on. Not for those who can read higher than a 5th grade level. Okay, you have been warned.


Hey my name is ash we got together a while back like almost a year back. you answered one of my ads one time and asked if i could fill you rape fantasy. So i came over and we had some good fun and then you just worshipped my cock and i was on my way. You lived around [Very Long] road and i think your name was cassie short for cassandra. I just wanna see what you’ve been up to lol well hope you see this would love to talk to you.

And by “talk” Sparky means another prayer meeting, obviously.

At the gym – m4w (Ish)

We always see each other and meet eyes several times during our workouts. We are both way to focused on our business to be the one to stop and talk. Plus its hard when we have headphones in. But its obvious we would tear each other’s clothes off the second we had a chance! Well hit me up with which gym you go to and maybe we will make something happen. Maybe even just be friends. I’d still like to get to know you even if you are in a relationship.

I’m white, couple visible tattoos, muscular, and I know I’m pretty attractive by the way women stare at me, which is annoying, but I love it when you do it!

I read that one as, I’ve screwed all the other gym bunnies, you are the only hold out. Come on, what’s up with that?

[Scenic] Beach White Volvo Sunday Afternoon – m4w

Hey you pulled your white Volvo behind my Westfalia got out and were looking over the ocean near [Location]… I stayed in my van and never got out talk to you… I blew it.. You are beautiful… Let’s get coffee…. Here’s to serendipity…!

What are the chances that the beautiful female driving a white Volvo to the beach will be reading Craigslist Missed Connections? Sorry, my catulator is sleeping at the moment.

wow. You were all curves, black boots, black leggings, green shirt, – m4w ([Dismal] gas station)

You were all curves, black boots ….tan car, out of state plates. Just amazing.

Now, give us a clue, Sparky. Do you want to hook up? Commiserate about the price of gas? Hitch a ride back to another state? Wow. Just amazing.

[Somewhere] laundrymat – m4w (Longer road)

About ten at night on monday. You left after folding clothes. I would like another chance to see you again please.

You did say ” see you around”.

There you have it, folks. The making of a great relationship. She folds clothes, he likes to watch. She set him up if she doesn’t call. The hussy.

15 thoughts on “Post 26: Sparky Calls Dibbs

  1. What are the chances that the beautiful female driving a white Volvo to the beach will be reading Craigslist Missed Connections?

    I don’t know. Maybe about the same as a beautiful female driving a maroon Volvo to the beach?

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  2. I think I’ve been to that ([Dismal] gas station) where that curvy chick wearing black boots took off here black leggings and green shirt and replaced them with a tan car and out of state plates.

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        Hey my name is Ash……you lived around Central Blvd at 4912 Calmont, 761XX, Your name was Cassie, short for Cassandra Jones, your husband worked for the school district, and was out of town that evening visiting his sick mother. You drove a late model white Volvo and you worshipped my cock. Would love to talk to you sometime, but you must be discreet. I will be at Starbucks on Hulen this Friday at 6:00 PM, will have copy of The Weekly on table. Please don’t let my mother know about this. Again, discretion required.

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  3. m4w – The girl with the short skirt and long jacket.

    You said your name was Kitty but you want to be called Karen. We met at Citibank, you borrowed my pen. We were touring the facility. You were picking up slack. We hung out afterwards, staying up late, but then you got up early. Said you needed to get your machete sharpened so you could cut through some red tape.

    Tell me what type of Cake I was eating for breakfast. Would love to get together again.

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  4. We always see each other and meet eyes several times during our workouts… Well hit me up with which gym you go to [because I’m too mentally challenged to remember which gym *I* go to, since we see each other all the time while working out.]

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