Post 28: A Little Learning

Sorry for the late post, folks. I was working on my novel, and realized I needed to know how to speak a few different languages then English. So of course, I turned to Craigslist for help. And Sparky did not let me down.

Former Teacher will to teach

My mother is retired and would love to still. She speaks Italian and French. She has her doctor in criminal justice and was an a lawyer for 17 years. She was a writing and poetry instructor at Pacific University.

$20 an hour
If you have any questions call

But I don’t need a still. I feel sorry for her doctor. Next!

Looking for English101 tutor

I’m taking English 101(Online) this semester and i have no time for English writing, because I’m +20 credits in this course..
So I’m looking for someone who can take fully care of it since its online, ” by logging in blackboard system, making essays, reports,Portfolio, maybe weekly items” for a price.
Can u do that ? or do u know anyone who needs a money or job for it?
I live in [State] [Location], i prefer someone who’s nearby so i can meet with him and discuss everything in private.
contact me by this phone number > show contact info
phone or text
OR by this email > sparky@hotmail

Oh, my mistake, not a tutor, looking for someone to fake it. I’ll keep looking.

13 thoughts on “Post 28: A Little Learning

    • Of course Sparky#1 had to write his/her mother’s post….it’s clearly stated she speaks Italian and French….English is not mentioned.

      And Sparky#2 is a perfect example of one of our current crop of public school graduates who sailed through the multiple choice questions of standardized testing, yet is unable to string together a sequence of correctly spelled and punctuated words in a coherent and reasoned sentence or paragraph…..”no one compares 2U”, indeed!!!!

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  1. I’m certain I posted the following on YSaC, but it still makes me laugh. I was laid off in 2011 because my employer lost the contract. With my education and work experience, I posted an ad on CL offering to edit dissertations, theses, etc. The following dialog was with the only person who responded.

    Sparkette: Hi, Im interested in your services, but how do I know you’re not a scammer?

    me: If you would like, I can provide references. I have edited two PhD. dissertations. One covered the significance of art on Native American pottery from the Southwest region and one covered metallurgy of artifacts from the British Isles from the Dark Ages.

    Sparkette: Yes, I would like references please. I looked for writing services online and they were all scam so It’s not easy for me to trust. Do you know anything about philosophy?

    me: I only concern myself with the grammar, spelling, and structure of the document. I didn’t know anything about pottery or metallurgy before reviewing those documents.

    Sparkette: Oh ok, I’m guessing you will not be able to help me?

    me: What type of review are you looking for? What type of document do you have?

    Sparkette: Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mention it before, I have to write an essay about an ethical issue for my philosophical class and I have to present in class and talk about it for 20 minutes. I just don’t have an idea where to start from, what to talk about, etc. and was looking for someone to write it for me.

    me: I can’t help. Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in years.

    Sadly, back in December my wife sent me the following URL about a guy who offers exactly this service.

    That is pretty much why I’d hate being a college professor.

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      • I was thinking the same thing. Sparky #2’s problem with writing for his/her English 101 class is not that he/she doesn’t have time. It’s that he/she doesn’t have:
        1. knowledge
        2. ability
        3. ethics
        4. a clue
        5. any inclination to achieve any of the above.

        Good luck with that, Sparky. You’re setting yourself up quite nicely for the future.

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