Post 29: Black Dog Friday

Responsible pet owners know that they must comply with rules and regulations. For instance, a dog must have all its shots and have a current tag stating this fact. Otherwise the owner could get into a lot of trouble. Your neighbors are always willing to help you out with this. If you let your dog’s license expire and don’t realize it, your poor dog might be wondering when you will take care of that. Chapters 6 and 7 of Division 2 of Title 6 of the [Location] County Code, Ord. No. 98-01, § 1, 2-25-98 tells you all about it. You don’t want to violate the code, do you?

Shaggy Black Dog Seen in and Around [Ish] Lake ([Ish] Lake)

Featured image
For the last few days I have seen this dog wondering around [Ish] Lake and the nearby residential area. I’ve tried to lure it with treats but it’s pretty skittish and runs away. Is it yours? It has a license on its collar but I can’t see whether it’s current.

Not only is the dog wondering, Sparky also wonders if it’s yours. Thanks, NinjaChow, for another K-9 exclusive!

15 thoughts on “Post 29: Black Dog Friday

  1. Important lesson here, Sparkies…when you want to dump your unwanted pet out by the lake, REMOVE its tag so it can’t be traced back to you…..but also remember there is a special hellish place in Hell for you people.

    I like to think that my Daisy feels some gratitude that her former owner (who due to illness and couldn’t properly care for her) had the integrity to take her to the Humane Society and give her a chance at a decent future. And I benefit from having her enhance my life. (although I do wish beagle mixes were better at housetraining)

    Sorry, no snarkish feeling about this post today. (too depressing)…. but thanks NinjaChow for watching out for our friends -in- need……

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  2. I travel through a particular small town sometimes several times per week. Many of my passengers bet on how many dogs they will see by the time we get through town. There are a couple of dog gangs. They show a bit more intelligence than the people as they cross the street at intersections. If there is a traffic light, they usually wait for the walk signal before crossing. The people however just wander into the street right in front of you.
    I don’t know if any of the people or dogs have licenses. I don’t even know if they have learner permits. I would guess that a few of the dogs could pass the test to get one though.

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    • OMV…rather than referring to them as “dog gangs”, I like to think of them as “dog clubs” or “dog support groups”. They’re just watching out for each other. And yes, in addition to dog licenses, we should require dog owners’ licenses.

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    • Mostly irrelevant story here!

      Back when I had a dog, I used to take her for walks around the neighborhood. When we got to an intersection, I would say “Got to wait” if the light was against us, and “Okey doke” when it was time to cross, and she would wait or walk accordingly. One day, a women walking beside us said to me, “It’s almost like she understands English.” I said, “Well, I hope she understands English; it’s the only language I speak.” She said, “No, I mean, it’s almost like she knows what the words mean.” Clearly this woman didn’t get that the whole point of verbal commands is that when used consistently, dogs do in fact figure out what they mean, more or less. If a dog consistently sits when you say “Sit,” I think we can conclude that it understands at least one word of English.

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      • Camille I am going to have to remember that answer if I get a comment like that. Good thing that my Chinese dog breed was smart enough to learn English since I am definitely not smart enough to learn Mandarin. 🙂 The Ninja knows to sit at corners and walk when I tell her it is okay and she knows the beeping walk signals too.

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  3. Hanging head in shame that I’ve been MIA so long that I didn’t know YSaC was no more. But am glad that Windy started a new corner to hang out in. Are there any coffee slices?

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  4. [corey] Fortunately these ads are not that common around here, in fact there are rescues here devoted to bringing dogs up from kill shelters in California for adoption. It is truly horrifying how some people treat animals. [/corey]

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  5. Is it bad that my first thought was to be proud of Sparkalotta for getting “its” and “it’s” correct?

    I hope that puppy gets a good outcome, whether that is to be returned to his loving family or adopted by someone awesome.

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