Post 31: If you plant rice, rice will grow, Grasshopper

Do you play table tennis?  Do you speak Chinese? Do you know a lot about computers?  Does this sound just a wee bit like stereo-typing?

Hiring Chinese Teacher & Computer teacher & Table Tennis Coach compensation: After school Chinese Teacher & English Writing Teacher We are hiring full time experienced Chinese Teacher & Computer teacher & Table Tennis Coach. Golden Dragon Chinese School is a famous known after school program institute. You can find more information about us at or http://www.goldendragon[somethingsomething].com Please email your resume to goldendragonchinesekungfu@[grasshopper].com Thank you!

No, thank you!  And for your young women, there’s this awesome opportunity.

Asian actress needed for this Sunday’s music video shoot (Place, Location, Ish Beac) compensation: $350 Local Ish Entertainment company is looking for an Asian actress for this Sunday’s music video shoot. Requirement: 18-20 year old with body piercing( tounge, nose and nose) tatoos will be an great additional. No singiing, dancing required. Minimum acting is necessary. Compensation: $350/day Please contact ASAP if interested.

Nose and nose?  That’s going a bit too far. I think I just need a rustic cabinet to hide in.

Rustic Chinese Cabinet Armoire Tv bar closet solid wood very Zen! – $960 (Location) condition: new

*NOTE The Last pic is an idea of what you can do with thie cabinet only it is NOT the inside of this cabinet.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Asian cabinet height. 70.5 inches. 42 inches wide. 24 inches deep. 9 inches tall. Under the cabinet space. The doors open and slide out of the way into the cabinet unlike other cabinets. Made of solid wood heavy has a hole in the back for electrical wires. It has two outside drawers and two smaller inside drawers. It also comes with a middle shelf. I’ve used it as a bar, to hide stereo equipment and TV. I’ve used for my computer and I have used it as a closet sweater organizer. This is a piece you will have for years to come. Perfect for your Yoga studio or and any room of the house. This is a hand made and hand carved old antique this is NOT from Pier one. Carved inlaid brass hardware and and handles. This piece smells wonderful like mens perfume and a no mold smoke free home. It has been stored in microclimate storage.

*scams will be turned in.

You get what you pay for so if you want to tell me its too much then yes you should go to Pier One then 🙂 Sorry serious buyers only Firm on price

Chinese African Mid Century Modern Vintage Industrial Antique Cool Man Cave Neon Sign Channel Letter Light Box Traffic Light Clock Diner 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s Art Deco Chandelier Americana Cast Iron Brass Animal Figure Figurine Bronze Horse Bull Pig Collectible Poster Marilyn Monroe Coke Coca Cola Mc Donalds Metal Porcelain Foo Dogs Vase Trunk Statue Carving Alligator Crocodile Elephant Furniture Chairs Harley Davidson Chaise Couch Table Console Dining Coffee Rare Unique Unusual Painting Art Oil One of a Kind Consignment Garage Estate Yard Sale [Ish] [Location] Hills Old Town [Somewhere] Cool Dresser Bed Bedroom Plasma LED TV Television Stand Entertainment Center Rugs Modern Wooden American French Lamps Old Rusty Rust Ceramic Salvage Memorabilia Provocative Lithograph Décor Decorative Side Table Floor Toys Christmas Lounge Safari Jungle Tiger Print Zebra Planter Sword Radio Photography Photo Lunch Kit Unit Glass Shelf Book Shelf Bookshelf Gay Hillcrest Indian Asian Chinese Japanese International Music Instruments Mirrors Paintings Originals Frames Desks Chairs Outdoor Sign Signage Neon Lights Imported Domestic Displays Lamps Shades Tables Stands Home Decor Vintage Industrial Mid Century Modern Bench Bedroom Bed Frame Hutch Rope Manila Carving Hand Made One of a kind Tri-pod Records Animals Posters Prints Chrome Glass Vase Depression Brass Bronze Silver Clay Terracotta Entertainment Tv Stand Dresser Rattan Bamboo Artist Proof Signed Die cast Western Wagon Sea Leather Beveled

This can only end badly.  Your thoughts?

21 thoughts on “Post 31: If you plant rice, rice will grow, Grasshopper

  1. Being on a seafood diet, I’m really interested in the Photo Lunch Kit. I also wonder how old the Old Rusty Rust is. I have some old rusty rust, but I would like to get some rusty rust that’s just a bit newer than what I have.

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