Post 33: Blue Jeans Baby

The American lifestyle is detrimental to fertility and reproduction. Billions of dollars are spent every year on research into improving chances of pregnancy. Sadly, some of the processes result in multiple births. On the other hand, people on welfare do not seem to have any problems in this area. Shouldn’t someone be studying their lifestyle for the key to the whole quiver-full of issues?

Female New Vintage Reproduction Levis Jean 646 – Size 27 X 34 – $100

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

I am selling a new pair of female Vintage Reproduction Levi jeans 646 and size are 27 X 34. The jeans are brand new with tags and I am asking $100 or Best Offer. Please text or call me

if interested in the jeans. I have seen these jeans retail on line for $220.

make / manufacturer: Levis Vintage Reproduction

model name / number: 646

size / dimensions: 27 X 34

So. One picture shows shorts. One shows long pants. I guess they are reproducing. But I am pretty sure you can’t reproduce with just a female. I guess the male pair costs extra.

18 thoughts on “Post 33: Blue Jeans Baby

  1. {Corey} The pants are just folded weirdly in the last picture, I can see part of one of the legs {/Corey}

    I saw a pair of these at Goodwill for $6.99, so I don’t think I’ll pay $100 for them.

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  2. I wish I had a pair of self-replicating jeans. Especially if they replicated in various styles, like shorts vs. long, distressed vs. uh…not, skinny vs. wide-leg, and different colors and finishes. I’d just put the bell bottoms in a sack, take them down to the river and drown them.

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    • In other news, I JUST got the banner picture. It’s clever as hell. (Which is, no doubt, why it’s taken me so long to get it.)
      Great job, Windy! (a.k.a. “web boss – guess where I am in my reading of every YSaC and comment ?)

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  3. Yes you can reproduce with just a female — it’s called parthenogenesis. Look it up.

    And on the subject of Things That Sound Greek, if Euripides pants, can you get a refund?

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