Post 35: CLYDE!!!

History often repeats itself. Rumor has it that History has lost it’s short term memory, so doesn’t remember when it’s already done a shtick. Like world wars. Or plagues. Or Justin Beiber. But that has nothing to do with today’s post. Today we wrap up the week with a love-lorn Bonnie looking for her Clyde. Get the tissues. And maybe the buckets.

Clyde – w4m – 40

Featured image

age : 40


I CANT stop thinking about you, about US! I NEVER thought I could or would fall in love with someone. You warned me and I didn’t listen!

Shut your eyes Clyde and think about the look in mine!! There are a few different ones I want you to see.

You know which ones!!

I can’t go thru life without you! I WONT!!




Take your own advice, Sparkette, and shut your eyes. Then maybe you won’t post anymore subtle ads like this one. And why didn’t you include pictures of the looks you wanted Clyde to see? Doesn’t make any sense. Oh, wait. Sorry, I forgot who I was referencing. I wonder if History is looking for a personal assistant?

8 thoughts on “Post 35: CLYDE!!!

  1. Clyde: Run away! Run away!

    Why is there a photo of a Ruby Habitat Foundation booklet in this ad? It’s 1500+ miles away from Sparkette. Is Clyde a Sandhill Crane?

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