Post 36: Furgone Conclusion

I had this nagging feeling I was forgetting something.  Then I remembered, it’s a Sparky Day!  Turning to my trusty email account, I perused the wonderful submissions by commentators since the blog began.  This one just popped in just last night,  and in the interest of finding this pet a new home, I am posting it immediately.

Guinea pig

Featured image

Thomas the guinea pig is in need of a good home.he very friendly,loves to cuddle.great for kids.He is 1 year old.rehoming fee of $30.sorry I don’t have a cage for him .for more info call


As the submitter, Chris, said, “It’s weird, honey, the guinea pig is using the litter box and doesn’t seem to care for the carrots or lettuce.”
Another possibility is that the animal in the photo ate poor Thomas, but Sparky Jason really needs the $30.

22 thoughts on “Post 36: Furgone Conclusion

  1. What we have here is actually an extremely rare Long-legged Carnivorous Guinea Pig (Wheekus bloodthirstius felinus*). Despite Sparky’s cheery description they don’t make as good pets for children as the Common Guinea Pig (Wheekus wheekus*). Whatever you do don’t tell him it’s rare, he’ll want more money for it.

    *Names may not be entirely accurate.

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  2. “What’s that?”

    “Is my Guinea pig.”

    “Manuel, it’s a cat.”

    “No, no, no. Is Guinea pig.”

    “Well, of course it’s a cat. You have cats in Spain don’t you? Or did Franco have them all shot?”

    “No, I think so too.”


    “I say to man in shop, Is cat! He say no, no, no, is special kind of guinea pig. Filigree Siberian Guinea pig. Only one in shop, he make special price, only five pound.”

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