Post 37: Sparky University for Learning and Stuff

Sparky 1: Dude! I got this really gnarly, horrendous problem!

Sparky 2: Are we out of Cheetos?

Sparky 1: Uh. No. No, it’s worse than that!

Sparky 2: Cable’s out?

S1: Just listen, because you won’t guess in a million, gazillion years.


S1: Oh. Okay. I have to write a paper and I don’t know how to do it in a short time!

S2: Bro! No problem! I saw this ad on Craigslist:

Write your paper in short time:


We can write your project within the given time. If you have a project that is so big and complicated and you have short time to complete it. At this circumstance we can help you by making your project. We have a team of expert writers. If you have a big project and have short time period then we can work in group for your project. We will divide your work into parts. And one writer will accomplish a part and by this idea and a team work we can accomplish your work within the time.

S2: This guy is so good, he even posted it again.

Are you not good at writing skills

“Hey Buddy,

Do you face difficulty in writing a college assignments as you feel writing is not your cup of tea or your grammar is not good. Give a chance to help you in your difficult situation as we have professional who can complete your assignment, essay and quizzes at short notice period that too at very reasonable price quote. Hurry up don’t miss the deal.

S1: Tubular! I will send in my money right now.

Tune in next week when Dude asks:

S2: What’s this F mean on your paper?

Special thanks to OMV for both ads. Dude.

20 thoughts on “Post 37: Sparky University for Learning and Stuff

  1. Hey BroBuddy’s….now we know where to turn when we want to write something snarky on WTFSpark….(etc) but just don’t have enough time. This guy and his crack team of professional writers (emphasis on crack) can knock it out for you in short time….Grammar?…no big deal. Speeling? fergitaboutit…Punctuallity (you know…periods and colons)? what’s the diff?…All that really matters is it’s quick and cheap. And did I mention professional? You may want Missy “love you long time”….but you want project “write you short time.” DON’T MISS THIS DEAL !!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. HEYBRO, I write so bad.
    Take my grammar and make it better.
    Remember, I need it finished by noon.
    And I’ll assume my grade will get better.

    HEYBRO, when you get paid,
    Will my paper be to the letter?
    I hope that you’ll send it to me real soon.
    For I don’t want to be a regretter..

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  3. I write you paper fast. I no use pesky preposition or verb tense to save time. Also have team. We write in parts. No connection to each other, that cost more. Don’t miss this deal!

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