Post 39: Dictionary of American Slang

Sparky has a way of getting around the Craigslist rules against soliciting for sexual favors. Sometimes the attempts are so obvious, it’s a wonder they aren’t flagged immediately. Seriously, who does he think he’s fooling?

Female Bearded Clam

Looking to adopt a female bearded clam.

Featured image

It says right here that a bearded clam is slang for the naughty bits of a woman.

Sparky’s photography skills are also pretty bad.  That looks like a marine animal.

But this one, I have to say, is more clever.

Free fish and tank but to small of tank ([Location])

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

We have a fish that has grown too big for the fish tank Not sure what the fishes but it’s white with silver you can take tank with it but fish will need to be in a bigger tank if you do not want the tank we will still keep bring something to move Fish in if that’s all I want text or call Todd

Clever may be the wrong word. Obtuse, perhaps. Finally, looks like Sparky is modifying the old trouser trout into something a little less understandable.

brown trout painting – $50
condition: new
model name / number: paiting

Featured image

Brown trout watercolor painting thats ready to be sold done by me self please call or text me at
show contact info

will al so work with price and put into frame

So there you have it, Junior Detectives. You can fool some of the people all of the time, if its Sparkyville.

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