Post 41: A Day at Castle Anthrax

Zoot, Midget, Crapper and the rest of the young blondes and brunettes all between 16 and 19-and-a-half occasionally run out of enthusiasm for knitting exciting underwear.  There’s still dressing and undressing, but even that can grow tiring. Oh, how they long for something different, something exciting, like, I don’t know, maybe a spanking!

Spanking Discipline – 46 ([Location])

age : 46 body : curvy

I meet with my Disciplinarian Mentor one night a week. Sometimes I fail to do some of my assignments, and get punished with a paddleIs there is a woman who wants to have her butt paddled to save mine? Or we can share the punishment and comfort each other while being spanked, and punished. Or you just want to comform me and help with the aftercare?He is very caring He hugs me and celebrate my progress. He is gentle with aftercare and He likes a hug before, and after our session.

He is very respectful of limits, and boundaries, stays clothed the whole session. Please email if you are interested. We can talk on the phone and you can talk to him too.

*My assignments list are things I am having trouble doing or achieving due to procrastination, bad habits, and or lazyness. I am the one in control when doing my assignment list, and the one responsible to do what is in the list everyday for the whole week. I like his firm hand, I need it to keep me focus. I also like his gentle, and caring touch, but I don’t like paddles

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Wait, he stays clothed the whole session?  That’s no fun at all.  Where’s the oral sex?  You know what, never mind.  I’ll just paddle my own, er, canoe.

15 thoughts on “Post 41: A Day at Castle Anthrax

  1. So when Sparkles procrastinates, she gets paddled. The more she procrastinates, the more she gets paddled. Now she’s looking for somebody to take some of the paddling for her. Seems at best counterproductive. Seems at worst like she’s trying to find a way to inflict pain on some hapless volunteer.

    I wonder if she’s thought about maybe procrastinating less.

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