Post 42: The Reckoning

I reckon every now and then, Sparky gets a really good idea. And then he posts it on Craigslist. Then the next day, he sobers up.

vehicle air bag – $15

Featured imageFeatured image
For use in a dodge neon or to prank your friend lol $15 call bill

D’oh! That’s where he keeps his P0rn! It’s a sad day in Bill’s house.

Sadder, still, for the horse in this ad:

86evinrudeparts – $1

30 and 35 horse parts. 30 horse complete drop in like new great compression model j30telcdm. 35 hors head bad cylinder for parts or rebuild, also the lower unit for this, long shaft 20 in new pump last summer model arlcde, both 86 models, call text or email for prices or more info

I wonder if the hors head will end up in someone’s bed. Thanks, OMV, for both posts.

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