Post 43: Suppirs for Everyone!

In Sparkyville, the residents have a lot of pride in their home appearance and landscaping. Every spring there is a big competition to see who can do the best job and spruce up the old homestead. Then, immediately after the competition, you will find ads like this one. Guess this Sparky didn’t win.

Free palet and extra yard edging suppirs

Featured imageFeatured image

About 16 ft of aluminum yard edging and woof palet

I think we could use a woof palet in the lounge. Ninjachow and Camille and all our canine friends would like a nice place to rest. What else can we find for them?

Vintage shabby chick hexagon side/coffee table or pet home – $80

Featured imageFeatured image

Hand painted. Lace white. Distressed side/coffee table. May be used as a pet/dog bed/home

Never mind, we should quit while we are ahead. Thanks to drmk for forwarding the first ad from Peter.

13 thoughts on “Post 43: Suppirs for Everyone!

  1. Awesome!… I haven’t seen a real Woof Palet (wuf pal-ay’) since I was last in France, while on the lam from Interpol. (some misunderstanding about that Countess and her loaning me that diamond tiara for a while) She had Woof Palets scattered all over her chalet in the Alps, kind of like ski obstacles……ah!….those were the days!!!!!!

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  2. If I used that side table for my pet, I’m afraid it would become distressed. And she’s a Crabby Chick, which is so much more differenter. *I refuse to grammar on Wednesdays*

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    • I’m with you, Ninjachow. I would not woof on a palet or inside a distressed side/coffee table. (I would not woof them here or there; I would not woof them anywhere.) I prefer to woof in luxury and comfort.

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  3. [corey] Sad to say I am old enough to remember when those octagonal side tables were in style (and extremely popular too). [corey] Unless the table is actually an pet Tardis I think the Ninja is going to give that a pass.

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  4. During my first year of high school, I almost fell over the edge of my yard. I don’t think the yard edging shown would have helped. It probably would have made me trip and hit hard at the bottom of the cliff.

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