Post 44: Sparky Does Math Without Catulator

I can’t claim to be any good at math or calculus or even counting without removing my shoes. But you know, I am aware of the difference between Zero and More Than Zero.

2 Blue Formica Counters Retail Office Free – $500

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured image

condition: good

size / dimensions: 84″ X 30″ X 42″

For free are these two blue retail sales counters. These each have a hole for computer cabling. The first measures 84″ length X 30″ width by 42″ in height. The second 84″ X 30″ X 42″ with the step down section measuring 32″ in height. These are heavy duty cabinets with adjustable shelf brackets. these need to be picked up right away. Please call XXX-XXXX if interested.

So does one get the computer dude with the counters? Or the Simon and Garfunkel album? How about the computer? Worth $500 free, easily. Thanks, Ralph, for the submission.

23 thoughts on “Post 44: Sparky Does Math Without Catulator

  1. There are three major kinds of counters:

    1) Arithmetic counters.
    2) Defensive counters
    3) Retail counters.

    Computer dude is in the wrong place. He belongs at a closed-end counter of the third kind.

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  2. Of course there are also kitchen and bar counters, bargain counters, bank counters, and clockwise counters, but they are decidedly mundane. Any alien beings present are probably politicians.

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