Post 45: Champion Wedgewood Queensware

One rule at YouSuckatCraigslist: If you can’t spell the breed of dog, you can’t have one. No chihooahooas, no shnoozers, no upendpitchers. I have always thought there should be a penalty involved, as well. Like, you have to pick up after every dog in your neighborhood until you learn to spell. Now, Dave of ferret fame sends in an ad in which Sparky can’t tell his dog from a candlestick.

WEDGWOOD china QUEENSWARE cream on cream plain edge CANDLESTICK candle holder

Price US$19.99

Featured image

WEDGWOOD china QUEENSWARE cream on cream CANDLE STICK candlestick HOLDER in great condition free from chips, cracks, break, stain, or discoloration and with only a minimum of use.

• Measures approx 1-1/2″ inches x 3-3/4″ inches.

• Manufactured from 1957 – 1983.

• Cream Color Grapes on Cream Color Background.

• Smooth or Plain Edge.

• No Trim.

Uh, I think I see a stain there. Wedgie apparently hasn’t been potty trained yet. But he is the cutest Wedgewood ever. Thanks, Dave!

15 thoughts on “Post 45: Champion Wedgewood Queensware

  1. Well, if they have only been manufactured between 1957 and 1983, then you can only get an old USED one. I think I better call the A.S.P.C.A.

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  2. Those irresponsible breeders – I’ve heard of “teacup” breeds, but breeding them to become candlesticks is new to me. Also, 1-1/2″ inches x 3-3/4″ inches seems pretty tiny for a dog!

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