Post 46: Aw, Shed!

We Amuricans have had a pretty tough Winter. Your calendar may say Spring, but snow is still falling and keeping spirits depressed. Property damage is not the least of the problems going on across the states. The biggest problem is cleaning up after the storm has passed.

remnants of an shed (effing)

Featured image

shed fell you want it come get it alot of wood and bags bags of cloyhes christmas decorations metal ect… not going to go thru what was already bagged but if you come look.

Cloyhes are really hard to find anymore. If you come look, what? Geez, Sparky, at least this shed didn’t roll down hill. Thanks, Ralph, gonna go play I-Spy with that picture.

14 thoughts on “Post 46: Aw, Shed!

  1. Shoot…I saw this home on the Arkansas edition of “Love It or List It”…..Hillary can work miracles with just a small budget….and the homeowners decided to “Love It”….shoulda seen the other choices…..

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  2. Actually, the ad was from Epping, but I like Windy’s version of Sparky’s effing offering better.

    Maybe the ect(oplasm) won’t go through the bags, but if you come, look out!

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  3. I have alot of wood. I have alot of bags. I am unable to keep them as they shed all over the place and I am allergic. The woody was outside alot and the bagger was inside alot. Small rehoming fee.

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  4. And so this is Craigslist (shed has fallen)
    And what have we here (if you want it)
    Another effing Sparky (shed has fallen)
    Who has no idear (if you want it)
    Some remnants of Christmas (shed has fallen)
    And bags bags of cloyhes (if you want it)
    And alot of metal ect (shed has fallen)
    For good girls and boyhes (now)

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  5. Some ECT equipment would have to be metal, of course, what with needing the conductivity, but Christmas decorations are not suitable insulation for electrical equipment. I suspect Sparky is being disingenuous* and the shed was actually trashed on purpose by enforcers from the Guild of Psychiatrists because he’d been practising** without a licence.

    *Not that he could spell disingenuous
    **Practising in whatever sense you choose to take it

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