Post 47: New Advance in Birth Control

I’m just going to leave this here. I’m wearing gloves as I type, and I suggest you put on protective eye wear. WFT Sparkyville assumes no liability for what cannot be unseen. Possible side effects include brain damage and lack of social interaction with the opposite sex.

Latex rubber running shorts – $40

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

I purchased two pair of Latex running shorts / Midi shorts, from out of Britain, from a company called “Invincible Rubber.”

One pair is pink with black trim, and the other is black with white trim. I used there sizing chart to decide which size would be best for me. Oddly I fell in-between sizes, so being they were rubber, I figured I’d go with the smaller ones as they can stretch. Unfortunately they ended up being so tight that they pulled on my leg hairs and, well, they weren’t comfortable at all because they are the wrong size for me.

I had wore the pink pair for a day, and clearly realized they wouldn’t be something I could relax in, and I certainly needed the next size up. I have washed them thoroughly by hand, and properly dried them. They have no tears, rips, punctures, or any signs of wear what so ever. The black pair was never even tried on and is still coated by the manufactures talc powder, and in a bag. I figure why bother, the pink ones are the same size, it’s not like they are going to fit. And it’s not like I can ship them back for credit as the shipping cost would out weigh it being worth it.

If you would like, I can polish them up for you, for not extra cost, like the main pic shows, a replacement pair I bought, and another pic with the black pair in the closet also shined up. I purchased expensive “Black Beauty” Latex shine for the replacement pairs I bought.

Products like this are difficult to find, which is why these were ordered from out of the country. Here is a copy from my bank statement.



– Card Withdrawal Debit Card


44 days ago


I’m asking $40 firm for both of them, don’t ask for a price on one, I’m selling them together.

Notice from the pictures I have provided that the pink pair relaxed is showing 17′ in half. So a relaxed fit would be a guys waist no smaller than 34′. I was able to stretch them to 20′ so a tight fit would be about 40′. But remember, they grab skin at that point and pull hair. It’s your call.

This Latex is not the type you have to keep shiny with silicone. It appears to be semi-glossed when it arrives, however the website indicates you can shine them up real shiny with silicone if you wish. The texture on the inside of these is not smooth and semi shiny like the outside. It’s almost like a dull texture, probably to keep them on your skin.

Rubber Care

Getting the most out of your rubber wear

It’s normal for your rubber wear to arrive looking dull, in order to achieve a deep shine and prolong the life of your rubber wear we recommend that you follow the advice below.

Apply talcum powder or one of the available dressing aids on the inside of your garment or directly to your skin before attempting to put it on. Vividress or Pjur is perfect to assist you into your latex garment, which is available from our website.

Wipe off any excess talc on the outside of the garment with a clean damp cloth, rinse cloth and repeat process until all the talcum powder has been removed. If using Vividress or Pjur rub any excess over the garment, either using your hands or buff up with a soft damp cloth or sponge.

To make your rubber shine we recommend the use of silicone spray, Vivishine and Pjur all are available from our website, silicone spray is not available to overseas customers due to airfreight restrictions.

After wearing your garment we recommend you rinse it using warm water and a little detergent, we also stock, Hexi blue a special detergent which is ideal for sanitising your rubber wear. Always allow your garment to completely dry before storing away.

To avoid fading and bleaching, store your garments away from heat and direct sunlight.

Never use oil based products, as they will destroy the latex.

Light colours and semi transparent latex can sometimes mark if they come into contact with some metals, i.e. coins etc… Always avoid this.

To stop accidental damage to your rubber wear, avoid things that could cause it to snag, i.e. finger, toenails and jewellery. We can repair most items that may have been damaged in this way, contact us for more information.

I will NOT ship these, I will not hold them for anyone. You will have to either come to me to purchase them, or I can meet up with you at a close location. I will NOT accept a check for these, only cash.

Invincible Rubber is my Spandau Ballet cover band. Thanks, OMV, for all this fun.

18 thoughts on “Post 47: New Advance in Birth Control

  1. They look a lot smaller in the pictures. It says it will fit a guys waist no smaller than 34 feet. A tight fit would be 40 feet. Maybe the last sparky could use these as a tarp to cover his broken shed.

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  2. The freakiest thing about these is they make semi-transparent ones. I’m sure glad Sasquatch here didn’t order a pair of those.

    ( I really don’t think sasquatches are that big though.)

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  3. “To avoid fading and bleaching, store your garments away from heat and direct sunlight.”

    And whatever you do, never feed them after midnight.

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  4. Latex rubber running shorts
    Latex rubber running shorts
    Rubber baby buggy bumpers
    Rubber baby buggy bumpers

    Also, WHAT size are these? They look positively thigh-hair tugging.
    *ring ring*
    Divine on line #2. She wants her latex shorts back. #PinkFlamingoes

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  5. Latex rubber running shorts: for the fetish lover in your life. At least he’s not trying to re-home his ball-gag FitBit or leather wrist-cuff sweat bands.

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  6. “To stop accidental damage to your rubber wear, avoid things that could cause it to snag, i.e. finger, toenails and jewellery.”

    You mean I have to have my fingers and toenails removed?


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