Post 48: Traditions I

YouSuckatCraigslist all started when a young, upwardly-mobile professional couple (no, not a couple by profession. Sheesh) needed a couch for their apartment. And so they turned to Craigslist. And so they found what have become the classics of bad posts. This week, we celebrate for no apparent reason the continuing story of Sparky and his furniture. WARNING – What will be seen cannot be unseen.

Vell kept high end sofa set including coffee table – $3000 (north [location])

condition: excellent

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured image

This high end sofa set was custom made by a famous furnature shop. They were well kept in a luxious house in [location] west areas until the property was sold. Now it is good for someone’s loss is someone’s gain. Originally the owner paid more than 30K dollars for them and now only ask for 10% of the orginal price. As I said : luxurious set of sofa set. Custom made, high end quality, very kept. one coffee table with granite top. Please see the attached pictures,. I will post their measurement later when after I get it, If you want them, please fee free to contact me at: show contact info

They were temporarily stored at my friend’s place, if you want to see it, pls contact us for an appointment to view it.

Vell, vell. That certainly is orginal. Glad it’s fee free to contact Sparky. That takes care of the seating, what about some entertainment?

Free-Old School Wooden Picture Tube TV (east [ish])
Old picture tube TV. The kind in the giant wooden box. TV broken but gorgeous wooden box for all kinds of great craft projects like an aquarium or shelving unit.

Featured image

You pick up. You haul away. Free.

May be able to negotiate delivery for a fee if husband can lift it into his truck (he has a bad back and hasn’t tried yet.)

Whoa! TMI, there, Sparketta! You know, I think we’ll just play scrabble. Wednesday we’ll get a dinning room set. Thanks, NinjaChow for these great ads.

23 thoughts on “Post 48: Traditions I

  1. Hm…

    Vell kept a couch set
    She paid way too much for it
    No fee to contact


    This T.V. is old
    So old it doesn’t work now
    Use it for your fish!

    *snaps* Dig it.

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  2. Lassie — Sparky’s fallen in the vell again.

    “As I said: luxurious set of sofa set.” No, you didn’t. You said it was from a “luxious” house; no repetitive set theory involved.

    And it’s called a “console” TV. Be consoled that it is now hazardous waste that can be shipped to Africa for improper disposal, instead of poisoning ‘muricans.

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  3. I went to an old school once. I take that back. I went to two old schools. Unless you count that other one too. And that one that doesn’t exist. The one that doesn’t exist was the first school I ever went to. I lived in town and lived out of town when I went there. Actually, I lived out of town first, then lived in town. Then I graduated and I moved to the big city far away and went to a newer school. The city wasn’t as big as the one across the river, but it was the biggest city I ever lived in up to that point. Unless you count the big city across the river when I lived in the hospital for the first two weeks of my life. Then I moved to a teeny-tiny town that had the old school mentioned in the first line of this comment. Then I moved to another teeny-tiny town and went to the other of the two old schools mentioned in the third line if this comment. At this old school, I was the most popular boy in my grade. I don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that I was the only boy in my grade. But that old school wasn’t in the teeny-tiny town. It was way out in the middle of somewhere else. Somewhere else with lots of sagebrush, cacti, and rattlesnakes. Except I never saw any rattlesnakes because I had really bad eyesight. Maybe that is why I never saw the TV in the old school.

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  4. “Originally the owner paid more than 30K dollars for them and now only ask for 10% of the orginal price.”

    Nope, note even for 1%, or .1% even.

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