Post 50: Welcome to Your Nightmare!

Hooray! Sparkyville has made it to 50 whole posts! Free confetti cake in the lounge, along with coffee slices and loads of Koolaid. And we get to wrap up Furniture Week. All we need at this time is a bedroom suite.

Beautiful king size bedroom set

condition: like new

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured imageFeatured image

Selling a beautiful antique looking King size bed with two matching night stands, drawer, mirror and mattress. I purchased the entire set for close to $8,000 canadian. Please send me your offers, no lowballing!

This bedroom set is basically brand new and the reason it’s for sale is because I am moving into an apartment and my room is not big enough to fit them. Looking to sell the entire set as one.

Pictures included.
Need to sell before April 30th of this month!
Don’t be shy and send me your offers! 🙂

O. Kay. Let’s look at this a bit at a time. First, antique LOOKING means it’s not really an antique, and therefore you cannot sell it for a f#ckton of money. Second, $8000 canadian (when did we stop capitalizing country names?) is about $10.99 us, right? Next, this room is decorated as if a 10 year old girl lives there. Why does a 10 year old need a King size bed? A bed with SWANS on the foot board! 

Pictures included. In the sale? Because I can get them for free off the internet. Need to sell before April 30th of this month, as opposed to April 30th of June? No Lowballing, but don’t be shy. Okay, here’s my offer. You can just keep it.

Once more, thanks to Ninjachow for a wonderful week of furniture overpriced and ugly to boot!

23 thoughts on “Post 50: Welcome to Your Nightmare!

  1. HEY!!! Who took down the justin bieber and taylor swift posters????? Those are the only things missing to make this a perfect ten-year-old girl’s bedroom. And thanks ninjachow for showing that canadians can be just as tacky and tasteless as us in the us. (uh,..the post,..not you personally)

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  2. “Hooray! Sparkyville has made it to 50 whole posts!”

    That means Sparkyville is almost as old as me!
    Oog! I better go lie down on an antique looking king size bed.

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    • OMV….I think you lying down on the king sized bed might be what makes it antique-looking….

      I know…that doesn’t make ANY sense……I think I just said it because it’s Friday and Sunday is a full moon!!!

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  3. I think Sparky might have been a lurker at YSAC, he/she used antique-looking instead of trying to spell French Provincial. Seeing as we have provinces in this country he/she would look pretty bad f***ing that one up.

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  4. “Pictures included.”

    Do they come in wallet size? Because, who wants to lug a photo album around to show people your bedroom set. If people come over to your house, why show pictures of it when you can just show them the actual bedroom set. Unless your bedroom is real messy and you want to show people what your bedroom set looks like in a pristine condition.

    At the bus station:

    Hello Miss.

    What do YOU want?

    Well, um, I was um…

    Well, come on, spit it out.

    Right, okay… um, do you like photographs? Hmmm?

    I suppose so. I guess it would depend what was IN the photograph.

    Would you like to see my bedroom set?


    A photograph! A photograph of my bedroom set. (heh heh) Oh no, you thought I meant my actual bedroom…

    Now why would I want to see a photograph of your bedroom set?

    Well, It’s really nice. It looks quite antique. And the king size bed? (oh, ho ho ho ho) I think you’d really like it, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink.

    Did you just say “wink, wink” to me?

    Oh no, did I? Um, er, well, I meant nothing by it.

    So where is this photo of yours that you’re so proud of?

    In my wallet.

    Well, come on then. Pull it out and lets have a look at it.

    What? Look at my what?


    Oh, right. Yes. [opens wallet]

    This!? this is it?


    This is a photograph of YOUR bedroom?

    Yes, look at the beautiful carving! Very antique looking.

    It looks like it was decorated by a 10 year old girl!


    Look at it. Animal pillows, stuffed animals, frilly lace. Did you decorate your bedroom like this?

    Ohh! No…no…no. No…
    …yes. A bit, a bit. But the carving! Beautiful! Very antiquey!

    The carving has nothing to do with it! It looks like a little girl’s room!

    So, you don’t like it? [casts eyes at floor]

    Seriously? Are you kidding me? I love it! Take me there!

    [looks up] What? Really? Oh WOW!

    (Okay, tag this as “unrealistic expectations”.)

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