Post 52: Regrets, I’ve had a few.

Not only do people sell things on Craigslist, but they also list things they want to buy. After serious consideration, there may be the odd ad like this one.

I was loaded, sold u my bike sat [North]town – $1

I am the idiot who sold u my trek bike last sat night. Now that i have sobered up I regret it greatly!! It was my transpo. U and ur girl tryed to talk me out of it.. thanks for trying.. would u consider selling it back to me at a profit.. thanks

Oh you Canadians! Always trying to give your money away. Well, just in case U and Ur Girl don’t call back, Sparky, here’s the perfect set of wheels for you.

Prehistoric Peugeot mountain bike – $200 (Location)

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

It’s a Peugeot Canyon Express; circa mid-eighties. Lugged and butted chrome-moly steel construction. Check out the cool period correct must-haves; Suntour thumb shifters, roller cam brakes (the rear one mounted beneath the chainstays), BioPace chainrings, and Ritchey MegaBite skinwalls.

This is the perfect mountain bike for someone who wants to find out what mountain biking was really like in the early days… Or for someone who actually rode back then and is nostalgic… Or for one of those hard-core ‘Paleo’-workout types who think suspension is for sissies… Or for the off-the-grid survivalist who wants transportation that will survive the apocalypse… Or for just plain old masochists.

Designed by French engineers (you know, the same people who came up with the guillotine) and made by Japanese craftsmen (who also brought you nunchuks and throwing stars). Seat of unknown origin but I suspect the Marquis De Sade or even Vlad the Impaler had something to do with it. If that which does not kill you makes you stronger, riding this bike on a serious trail will turn you into a regular Chuck Norris.

If you think you’re cut out for it, click the contact link above and give me a call.

I do believe this Sparky is making claims that he cannot uphold. I mean, really, can you picture Chuck or Dracula on a yellow bike? Thanks for the ads, Lou Stool and OMV.

15 thoughts on “Post 52: Regrets, I’ve had a few.

  1. In the town…where I was born…
    lived a man…who sold his bike
    when sobered up…he had regrets…
    now he wants…to buy it back…..a!ha!…
    We all ride on a yellow mountain bike
    …yellow mountain bike…
    ..yellow mountain bike…

    We all ride on a yellow mountain bike
    …yellow mountain bike…
    …yellow mountain bike…

    (with apologies to all you guys who can really write song parodies)

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        • Been lots ‘o those lately, OMV….time to adjust the meds?….

          …and Windy….you can only do so much with what you’re given to work with…’re doing GREAT!!!!
          (I wish I could give you the pad of sticky notes and single gel pen I just got for Teacher Appreciation Week….that’s right, my own pad of sticky notes and a single gel pen…don’t have to share with anyone!……man! do I feel appreciated!!!!!!)

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  2. I’m guessing [North]town might be right across the border from my town, [Stump]town. Many Canadian bicyclists come here and clog up our streets and highways.

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  3. Since the bicycle will only turn me into a regular Chuck Norris, I’m not interested. I’m looking to be turned into a premium Chuck Norris, or at the very least, a Chuck Norris without ethanol.

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