Post 53: Religious Freedom

Fourscore and something something ago, Our Fore-web bosses brought forth upon this interwebs the wonderful idea of laughing at Sparkies in all their glory. Or lack there of. Today, we bring offerings of tribute to the first Snarker, drmk aka The Llama-nun (MBBUH).

Religious Catholic Nun Dolls

condition: fair

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image
These dolls could be characterized as Bizarre or Weird, or maybe you just want to add nun dolls to your collection (of religious stuff? dolls? I have no idea). No judgments here, folks. You can do anything you like with these two nun dolls. Just don’t tell me about it.

The nuns are wearing custom-made habits and veils that cannot be removed. They even have undergarments for modesty. It appears they’re wearing conservative Barbie shoes that have been colored black. I’m not sure why someone modified these dolls but they sure did a good job of it.

Each nun is wearing a religious medal that reads “Maryjo Krolowo Polski Jestem Przy Tobie Pamietam Czuwam.” (Polish) They also have makeup on and they’re sort of smiling, which adds to the creepiness (and unrealistic nature) of these dolls.

I can only imagine the “fun” make-believe playtime that took place with these dolls. They do not come with a yardstick for rapping knuckles nor do they have a pad of demerit slips.

I have them listed here:

Chances are, you can get them for a song. And, if you’re local, won’t have to pay for shipping!

Hold on, these nuns are converted? Modified? Is nothing sacred? And why did Sparky check for undergarments?

Moving right along.

Free Llama ([Location Ish])

Featured image

I have a Llama for free her name is suga, i have owned this Llama for 2 years she is a very lovable friend and pet. Shoot me a text and we can talk more first come first serve

Such a very lovable pet that you GIVE HER AWAY? Oh, Sparky, I am disappointed.

Thanks to Ralph for both these ads. No, really. Thanks.

14 thoughts on “Post 53: Religious Freedom

  1. Religious Catholic Nun Dolls

    Condition: Virginal

    Chances are, you can get them for a song…….”Ave Verum Corpus” ??….or maybe…”Salve Regina”??…..surely not “Enter Sandman”??????

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  2. They must be nun too good. One of the pictures has them facing the back of the box.

    It also begs the question. Are these dolls good at snarking? After all, they have been put in the box.

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  3. According to Google Translate the medallion inscription means “Mary Queen of Polish’m With You remember I watch”.

    Or possible “Mary’s postillion has been struck by lightning.”

    We’re a little hazy on the exact details.

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  4. Does anybody else want to slap the person who pulled up the habit to show everybody nun underwear?

    [SLAP!] Shame on you. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more)

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