Post 55: I Can’t Even, How Odd

Today in Sparkyville, play our new game show, Guess The Item! There are no wrong answers because I have no idea! I do think it is all better with extra exclamation points!!!

First Entry:

deer and moose shed – $150 ([Lavern]) 13 deer and 1 moose shed.

(Okay, there may be a correct answer, but so what?) Next Entry:

Found Knife (De[heck])

Found a knife in the De[heck] river area. You tell me the type and where you lost it. If it machetes it must be yours.


No, no clue what kind of knife machetes this. And finally, This Entry:

T3 rebel cannon camera – $800 (mont[where]) i have a very good condition T3 cannon camera just used it onces upgrading my camera so I don’t oneed this one anymore all amnities are all included on this camera i also throw a camera bag for free so please cant go lower that 800 and also scammers stay away i know who you are dont give me some bullshit stories about cant meet me or send it by paypal crap i only deal locals thank you if interested text me at

It could be a rebel cannon. It could be a cannon camera. It could just be a Terminator! Thanks to OMV for the knife ad, and uh, uh, maybe Ralph for the others?  (sorry)

34 thoughts on “Post 55: I Can’t Even, How Odd

  1. On a slightly similar note to Ralph’s post, I saw seven deer heads this morning…about 10 feet away…attached to deer bodies… looking at me as I walked by…and munching on weeds.

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  2. I bet the knife has an inscription on the blade of a semi-famous line from one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays, MacHetes.

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a knife by any other name would cut as quick.”

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        • I kinda had a horizontal closet when I was in 3rd grade. It was about 6ft long, about 2½ft wide, and about 1½ft deep. It had a split lid so’s I could open it at either end. One of my favorite playthings back then. Sometimes I would play “Vlad the Impaler” or “Post Humorously”.
          Well, to be honest, I usually just pulled it around on my sled.

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  3. Moose shed, moose shed.
    Dilapidating moose shed.
    Moose shed, moose shed.
    Fill it up some.

    Had a moose head.
    Put it in my moose shed.
    Had some deer heads.
    A dozen plus one.

    Moose shed, moose shed.
    Dilapidating moose shed.
    Moose shed, moose shed.
    Can’t be that dumb.

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