Post 56: Re Homies

Sadly, there comes a time when Sparky might have to find a new home for old Rover or Fluffy. Let’s look at one example.

Free Plush Toy (must take both)
condition: excellent

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

About 4ft tall.
Comes from a very clean & non smoke environment.
Must take both at the same time.

I suppose it’s very touching that these two old pals get to stay together. But what if I have a very small car, and I want to take the moose now and the squirrel, I mean, bear next trip?

Here we see a single pet looking to be taken home for dinner.

Bluebell Neads a Home (Eastern [Ish])

Featured imageFeatured image

Bluebell is a female Chinchilla Rabbit. I just don’t have the time she deserves so must find a new home for her .She is friendly most of the time but séance I haven’t had hardly any time to get her out and pet her she gets a little nippy sometime. I will only let her go if you want her for a pet. I’m asking $15 for a rehoming fee.

I used to have a really nice recipe for hossenpfeffer. It requires one nippy rabbit.

More often, Sparky is looking to adopt a new member of the family.

Looking for 5 y/o or younger spade med sz female dog

We are in search of a spade, medium- sized female dog age 5 or younger. We do have a very gentle English Lab, a spade female, that loves everybody and every dog & is an inside dog. We have a fenced yard and would provide a great home. Must be house broken.

Guess they have a regular card game and need a fourth?

Featured image

This guy is just milking us for sympathy.

Wanted Goates – $50 (Jerome)

I’m looking for does or doelings I will but foe 50-60 dollars or will trade a couple chicks/and or roosters the chicks are about a mounts old. So please get back to me

Disgusting! Selling mounts old chicks! That’s the last straw. Thanks to NinjaChow for the first ad and OMV for the rest.

22 thoughts on “Post 56: Re Homies

  1. A person really has to try to misspell “since” so it comes out “séance”. I mean, does anybody have a “é” key on their keyboard?

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  2. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s an age old question. The egg was the first to get laid, but I don’t think to mount it was the proper method. If that is what the rooster did though, then the chicken came first.

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