Post 57: Legal Tinder

Sparky has had a very cold winter. It’s almost summer, and winter just won’t go. The most popular thing for sale in Sparkyville right now is a load!

Brush BOMBFIRE STARTER sticks I WILL HELP LOAD!!! (Nas[hett], NH)

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Text or call

Free fire starter ALSO have some scrap metal about 300 pounds.

That might bomb out if you have to take the metal and the sticks. Here’s another option.

PALLETS some good some not good for bomb fire (M[onitor])

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Got a bunch of pallets some still good some good for a fire looking for someone to come take them all. There’s a few pick up loads full. The sooner the better or I’m just going to burn them myself.

Will Sparky get there in time? The excitement is explosive! Bringing things down a bit, ask yourself: What rolls down the stairs, alone or in pairs….


Featured image
Free log. Good for a garden. Bench. Whatever. About 5 ft long. In Portsmouth. Come and get it.

Thanks to Ralph for all these ads and the Ren and Stimpy reference that I stole.

11 thoughts on “Post 57: Legal Tinder

  1. Is Sparky going to leave the pallets where they are when he burns them himself? If so, then expect a few F-bombs fired off as well.

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        • OMV….I admire the beauty of brevity and being succinct-ish. The prescience of the one word, one syllable response “yes”. The difference of a composition by Satie and one by Beethoven…..the difference between a painting by Mark Rothko and one by Jackson Pollock….”Yes” simply says what it needs to say…no more, no less….in and of itself nothing it doesn’t need to be. Said and gone…a haiku to the occasion…..forever seared into the common consciousness of our collective efforts oh crap…just give it a rest.

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  2. I like the succinctness of the ad for “log”. It’s almost a haiku itself.

    Good for a garden.
    Bench. Whatever. 5.ft. Long.
    Haul it off for me.

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