Post 60: Sell ALL THE THINGS!

In my backlog of stuff to post, I have a few moving sales, garage sales, and what the heck is that sales that are fascinating in the way a major pile up on the freeway is fascinating. So this week, in the holiday spirit of Memorial Day, will be Sell All The Things week. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


5pc Queen Size Bedroom Suite ~ needs some care ~ Mid Century Modern (headboard, nightstand, tall dresser, long dresser, mirror) ~ see photo $300

Vintage Rocking Chair ~ $175

Vintage Tall Book Case with cupboards ~ see photo $175

Wall Wooden Book Shelf ~ see photo $125

Featured image

Vintage Rocking Chair Wood Handles ~ $175

Mid Century Industrial Steel/Metal Desk with pencil drawer and one pedestal ~ Tanker Style (DMI Quality Furniture Company ~ 3’6″ length 2″ width 2’6″ height) ~ see photo $300


Featured image

Vintage Cream Coloured Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser ~ $100

Vintage Love Seat for two ~ $25

Vintage 3 seat sofa & 1 seat couch ~ classical line ~ $150

Featured image

Mid Century black and coloured flower curtains ~ best offer

Vintage Wood Kitchen Table & 4 chairs, opens up frm both ends ~ probably 30s or 40s ~ $300

Mid Century Industrial Steel/Metal Desk with pencil drawer and one pedestal ~ Tanker Style (DMI Quality Furniture Company ~ 3’6″ length 2″ width 2’6″ height)


Vintage McGill Hole Punch ~ GEM USA

Vintage KERR Canning Jars ~ $3 each

Canadian Airlines Carry-on bags (collector’s items) ~ ONE LEFT ~$35

Vintage Girl Guide & Brownie hats, uniforms from the 60s & 70s (collector’s items)

2004 Athens Olympic Games Pin NEW (collector’s items) ~ $12

Calgary Winter Olympics Short Scotch Glasses; lots of wine glasses new in packages *vintage style

BC Transit Leather Coasters Blue & Red

Vintage Ivory Coloured Sleevless V-Neck Ladies Dress with fringes & broach ~ probably size 6, 8 or 10 ~ $100

Vintage Ivory Coloured Ladies Gloves (match with above dress) $20

Vintage Grey Mad Men Don Draper Hat ~ Never Worn ~ Size 7 1/8 ~ Biltmore $80

Featured image

Barbie Dolls (4 left) $25 each

Featured image

Big Dolls from the late 50’s & 60’s ~ various

Featured image

Vintage NEW FABRIC/MATERIAL for sewing. . . cool patterns, styles ~ enough for dresses, skirts

Vintage Sheet Music: Sound of Music; Abba; Beatles

Halloween Items ~ costumes etc, from the 1990s

Christmas Decoration Items ~ vintage from 60s & 70s

Vintage Old Mirror ~ no frame

Back yard items ~ table, picnic table (seats about 10 people, large & heavy)

Vintage BBQ with propane bottle from the 70s

Vintage LPs various , 45s, 78s ~some rock, some disco, some ethnic, some pop, some 40s 50s 60s


Vintage Heavy Duty Mechanic’s tools ~ 60s and 70s, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, crescent wrenches, pipe wrenches, drill bits,

Vintage Black & Decker Circular Saw – NO. 7301 7-1/4″

(BLACK & DECKER NO. 7301 7-1/4″ CIRCULAR SAW, 1 HP, 120V, 9 AMPS, 4900 RPM)

Vintage Black and Decker ~ Hedge cutter 13″

Vintage File Cabinet in garage

Vintage Car jack ~ (Hydraulic Trolley 1500 kilos (2 1/2 tons) )

Antique blow torch, pump oil can, more unique things, wall clock

Vintage Jumper cables, hose, extension cords,

Saws, hoe, rake, shovel, plus more garden tools

Vintage Kitchen Cupboards 50s

Vintage Coffee Pots

Vintage Large Water Bottles

Vintage Canning Pot with Jar Rack

Books ~ novels 70’s – present priced: $1 – $5 depending on the book

That was fun! #crickets* Hello? I guess I’ll just leave this here. Thanks, Ninjachow, for the interesting thingies.

14 thoughts on “Post 60: Sell ALL THE THINGS!

  1. “Vintage Grey Mad Men Don Draper Hat ”

    So, in order for the hat to be vintage, was it manufactured before Mad Men was first aired?

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  2. I would be interested in the “vintage new fabric material”.
    I am going to make some clothing that transcends the concepts of time and fashion.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Okay Sparky, is it an estate sale or a moving sale? I’d like to think that those are two different things, or is Sparky posting from beyond the grave. Is there a Craigslist purgatory?

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  4. I went to 20 GROJ (Getting Rid Of Junk) sales on Saturday, and got a nice Sony laptop (Win7) with a dead battery for $5, but none of them would sell me their yard.

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  5. That 3-piece sofa is just plain ugly, and the only “classical line” that applies is “interficerent eam igni,”which translates approximately to “kill it with fire.”

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