Saturday Post

I am not going to do this as a regular feature, but this ad is topical and I don’t want to wait too long.  Obviously not serious.  RIght?  Nobody in their right mind, not even a SPARKY, would really have a table like this. 

Lethal Injection Table for Sale – $55000 (1234  AH Street, Location, Ish)

Featured image
Wanted to sell, one mint condition lethal injection table. Never been used.
Seems i jumped the gun thinking that the senators of Nebraska would bow down to my wishes. Now I am stuck with this table and a whole lot of lethal injection drugs and nothing to do with them.
I am sure you can come up with many uses for this table besides restraining someone while a lethal cocktail of chemicals is pumped into their veins resulting in a slow agonizing death. It would make a good buffet table. The kids could play on it. Great for unruly senators, whoops, i meant mother in laws.
Contact me now and I will throw in a supply of lethal injection drugs! Fun for the whole family!

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