Post 65: Your AtTENTion Please.

On those rare occasions when Sparky grows up and shakes off his heritage, you still see signs of his background and upbringing. His lack of social skills. His complete disregard for social customs. His being full of sheet.

I have a tent! – $40 (Booder)

I have a tent. It is an older tent, but it has stood the test of time, and weather, and retards residing within it. In short, it is venerable. It has also seen some shit in its life, but it has never had shit within it (which is a good thing).

I think it is an old model mountain hardware Hoopla but I could be full of shit on that one. I was unable to find much on the older models to confirm. At the very least it is much like the Hoopla in the sense that it has no floor to save on pack weight, features only a single pole in the middle, and will confound your senses a little if you suck at geometry. As mentioned it is extensively used, but it doesn’t leak yet (mainly because of the use of extra waterproofing on the seams).

I would like this tent, as I am leaving the country and it seems a shame to dumbster it. Please do send me an offer if you do not think you can manage 40, the worst I can do is say no.

As an afterthought, I did not include a picture because I did not feel the urge to set up a tent in my apartment, shame on me.

Dumbster away, my friend. Hipsters are a thing of the past. Thanks, OMV, for this great ad.

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