Post 66: Must be the Weather.

Sparky gets confused easily. Really easily. I wonder what animal he or she advertised in the musical Equipment Section? This one was in the Pets Section.

Portable Speaker (Some Place)
Featured image

I have a portable speaker for sale. It has a 50 hour lasting battery, can be controlled by Bluetooth when you are up to 100 ft away, can be used with any phone, iphone, ipod, tablet, and usb drive. Comes with box, instruction manual and microphone. Asking $120.

Does a woofer count as a pet? Does the Bluetooth not work when you are closer than 100 ft away?
Next we find Sparky confused about words that sound alike but mean way different things.

antique sowing maching (kantspell)

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

New Royal model A antique sowing machine, late 19th century craftsmanship. from Illinois sewing machine co. Chicago, ill. First model from this company. currently decorative use only, however it wouldn’t take much to get it to be operational. Serial no is 353842. Would make an incredible addition to any collection.
Call or text with questions/inquiries, serious buyers only please.
No dealers. make us a reasonable bid, will take best offer.

Sparky, Sparky, Sparky! Only once out of three time did you spell it correctly. And why does it matter if people who work with cards in Vegas want to buy your machine, whatever it does?

Finally, we come to the real way to sell fake things.

Classy Foe Leather Chair – $10 (Error)
Featured image

Classy antique for leather chair. Wodden legs. Good condition. Will deliver, contact me for a bid.

You know, if you going to spell something wrong, you should stick with it all the way. An important lesson about life.

Thanks One and myself for these awesome examples!

11 thoughts on “Post 66: Must be the Weather.

  1. But does your antique sowing maching take Bluetooth?…..what’s the point if it hasn’t been updated?….
    And those faux chairs are getting better all the time….that one looks like a real chair…..

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  2. To be sung on the woofer/tweeter/squawker while preparing to sow your oats:

    All I want is a room somewhere
    Far away from the cold night air
    With one enormous chair
    Oh, wodden it be loverly?

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  3. What kind of cable do I use to hook up that speaker to my rotary phone? My phone doesn’t have blue teeth.

    I’m not old, I’m vintage.

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  4. Leather chairs are definitely a foe when they’re left in the sun, and you’re wearing shorts…

    I’m glad the speaker has a lasting battery, rather than one of those easily forgettable ones.

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    • Yes, people tell me I should get a vehicle with leather seats. I guess that’s because there is nothing better than to get out of your vehicle with a sweaty back.

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