Post 67: There’s a Kind of Hush

I don’t think these will work. I am not going to give them a try.

Prevail blather pads ( maximum protection) – Flubbock

Prevail blather control pads. Bag of 48 maximum absorbency. $2.00 each. Call [numbers].

And there was no photo, so it’s not a total loss. Thanks, Ralph, for the maximum snark.

7 thoughts on “Post 67: There’s a Kind of Hush

  1. As I sit here having a bottle of Babble Up, I can’t help but think that this item is a wee bit off for buying in bulk and selling by piece.

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  2. My blather doesn’t need padding, but it does wake me up every 2 hours. The doctor says it’s a prostrate problem, but that’s the only way I can sleep.

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  3. So… Hypothetically speaking, if I purchased these, would I have to wear them, or would the verbose Sparkalator have to wear them? I’m asking for a friend.

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    • Sparky can’t seem to make up his mind… line says “maximum protection”…which I take as “repelling”
      The next line says “maximum absorbency”…which means, well,” absorbs”…so which is it?

      …but the price seems right….$96 bucks (dollars) to prevent blather 48 times….(that’s, let see, 96 divided by 48…borrow the 10, carry the 4,…raise you 6 and see you………..$2 per pop.) What a deal!!!

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